two months with our Avie Girl

Tuesday, June 13

This peach.
Can you even handle the cuteness?
That double chin!
Those eyes!
That little button nose!
I know... i'm bias:)

She is an absolute joy. Even when she's having a meltdown in the evening I find her little lip quiver adorable. I don't think I was expecting to have so much fun with a newborn.

She's two months now, and I can't believe it! Every morning I put her up on my legs and we play and she laughs and I just melt. She's so interactive for such a little babe. It's amazing how their brans are taking so much in now as they figure out the world. She's a happy girl in her swing and will often fall asleep in it (hooray swing!), and loves being held outward so she can see the world. She is obsessed with staring at fans (when we're inside) and trees (when we are outside). She's been smiling up a storm, and recently started chuckling (which might be the cutes thing ever! however only Kevin has been able to make her laugh, which is sweet). She does NOT like her carseat (i'm hoping that's short-lived!) or being too hot or too cold. She sleeps and eats very well, which we are throwing up all the praise hands for! PTL!

In other news, we've had one of those "when it rains it pours" kind of months. Our house flooded from a malfunction in the washing machine, and now we are in the throes of working with our insurance to replace the floors/walls/bookcases/vanities, etc. Kevin also came down with norovirus, so he couldn't hold Avonlea for a while which was killing him. On top of all that our AC broke and it's been blazing hot here, so that's pretty much what i've been dealing with the last few weeks (flooding, throwing up and sweating... haha!)  Honestly though, I don't even care. I feel like having a baby helps you put things in perspective. The fact that Avonlea is healthy and happy makes me so grateful:)

I've been learning so much spiritually. I hope I can put into words some of the growth i've been having in a blog post, but seeing how little time I have to blog/write we'll see! (How do you mama bloggers do it? At the end of the day I just want to fall into my bed, ha!)

How are all of you?? I miss the community, and hopefully can start getting back on the ol' blog train!! Enjoy this sweet girl, I hope you have an amazing day! xoxo