Easter 2021

Friday, April 16

This Easter was so special for many reasons!

First, because of what it means to me as a Christian...that Jesus conquered the grave and came to bring us LIFE! I love waking up in the morning and shouting "HE IS RISEN" and having someone else echo back "HE IS RISEN INDEED!". What a savior we have in Jesus.

Secondly, it was Avonlea's 4th birthday. While we threw her a birthday party the day before, we have a family tradition of doing breakfast in bed on her actual birthday. She requested Lucky Charms (which she has never had before, but she saw them at the grocery store one day and asked for them. That was 2 months ago and they've been sitting in our cupboard ever since haha!). She got SOOO excited when we waltzed into her room singing happy birthday, and squealed with delight opening all her presents! I grew up with this tradition, and love passing it on to my kiddos!

Thirdly, this Easter was special because it marked the first time in a year when our entire family has been together for a holiday. All my siblings and their spouses, my aunts and uncles and grandparents were able to all come. It was sunny and gorgeous outside, so we were able to celebrate amidst the gorgeous Dogwood blooms of my parents trees!

The egg hunt was a total delight for my kiddos, they got so so excited to hunt for eggs! Don't kids just add an extra sparkle to holidays? I love it!

I hope your day was lovely and beautiful and redemptive! xoxo 

{kids LOVED the egg hunt so much! We kept taking eggs out of their basket without them seeing and re-hiding them! So it went on and on! haha} 

{my sister and her husband with our sweet girl!} 

Avonlea's 4th birthday

Wednesday, April 14

Our golden girl turned 4 years old on April 4th...so we threw her a golden birthday party!! It truly was the sweetest day to watch her be celebrated by my adoring family!

I laugh because I really couldn't plan much in advance, seeing as I could go into labor at any moment. (I was 10 days over due by the time her birthday rolled around!) 

Her birthday was also technically on Easter, so we celebrated her party the day before. 

My mom made her the most adorable birthday dress (as she has for Avonlea every year...thanks mama!), my sister made her a Funfetti cake which I topped with farmers market flowers, gold sprinkle glitter, 4 gold candles, and to make it fancy...a golden heart shaped sparkler! 

Besides cake and ice cream and a bundle of exciting presents for her to open, the big excitement was that my dad made an obstacle course for her! Now you have to understand, my dad is known for making obstacle courses. When my siblings and I were growing up, our birthday parties were NEVER complete without an obstacle course. We all had one every year and we loved it so so much! Every kid invited to the party would have a chance to do the course, and it was always so fun to time every one and see what the time to beat was! 

Avonlea's obstacle course consisted of riding her trike across the pavement, then getting rolled up like a burrito in this plastic foam by my dad and Kevin, then she had to run and go down a slide, and then through a tunnel (which was an old tube my dad found at the farm), and then finally run and throw a ball into the trash can. Her and Everett kept taking turns doing the course and its as so hilarious and adorable! 

Then she spontaneously wanted to do "races" with my whole family, so each of my siblings and their spouses raced her. It truly was the cutest! 

That night when we tucked her into bed, she snuggled into her pillow and told us it was the "BEST DAY EVER". 

I adore the fact that with a little love, intentionally and care, we can affirm our children on their birthdays and make them feel so loved through the joy, celebration, laughter, good food, and fun! I love these pictures because they capture the joy of our girl on her special day!! 

{the sparkler started going off below, and Avie's reaction is priceless!!} 

Now time for the races! {if you're on IG, I shared some videos of the obstacle course in my stories!} 

{stretching it out with auntie Polly! haha} 

{it's the sweetest watching my siblings love on our girl!}