Avonlea's Ballerina Fairy Birthday Party

Wednesday, April 20

Avonlea turned five and to celebrate we hosted a Ballerina Fairy party! It was as magical and "all things pink" as you might imagine, haha! Avonlea, of course, picked the theme, and then I just ran with it using things we had at our house. The party was mostly family members, but Avie invited a few "fairy" friends as well. I asked all the girls to come in their own ballerina tutu's, but then found super cheap fairy wings, flower crowns, and wands on Amazon and gave them to each little girl upon arrival. Their joy and excitement was contagious! 

The night before the party my parents came over to help me set up...I cleaned off an old pallet we had in our yard for the fairy's table, and hung Avonlea's canopy from her bedroom in the tree. It ended up being a very blustery day, so the canopy had to be tied up for most of the day (as the wind kept knocking over the vases with it! oh well!)

I found "fairy houses" (aka bird houses) at Michael's for a $1 each, and with a little paint and jewels, they were a very fun and whimsical craft. My dad also set up an obstacle course in our yard which was a huge hit, and all of the little girls (and little boys at the party) asked to go again and again. My dad always set up obstacle courses at our birthdays growing up, so it was so fun to see the tradition continue! 

I found all sorts of whimsical flowers at Trader joes and had fun making bouquets, as well as topping the cake with the pretty flowers and fairy cake toppers I found on amazon (here)

SUCH a fun and beautiful day, and the most important part is that Avonlea told me repeatedly how much she loved her party. She's such a little extrovert that when everyone left the party, she turned to me and said "ok mama, what are we going to do now? Should we have someone over or go to someone's house?" hahah...cue me ready to fall down dead on the couch! 

Annnddd....since we had all 3 babies within a month of one another....one party down...and 2 to go! Let's do this!!! 

Everett took the cupcake and smashed the WHOLE thing in his mouth hahaha!! And that concludes the party folks, haha!!