Avonlea at 5 months old

Wednesday, September 20

I'm a bit late in posting these 5 month pictures as Avonlea is almost 6 months (!!!), but better late than never. This age is SO MUCH FUN. She is smiling and giggling, and is just a pretty happy little lady. She hit the 4 month sleep regression hard, so that's been a bit of a shock for us…and unfortunatly it's spilled over into her 5 month sleeping habits. But that sweet little face when she wakes up in the morning is more than I can handle. Her grin is as wide as her face:)

I went back to work last week. I had a lot of nerves about it…I've only left Avonlea for a total of 2 hours for her entire life, and she still hasn't quite figured out to take a bottle (she prefers a sippy cup, but even that is iffy). Before last week I had tried to bring her to a childcare at church, but she only last 10 minutes and the lady brought her to me as she had tears streaming down her face. Made my heart ache. So…last week I was nervous to say the least. But, she was tremendously happy with my mom. I only was gone a total of 7 hours over the period of 3 days, but Avonlea ate, napped well, and was so happy. I couldn't have been more thrilled…PRAISE GOD!

This past weekend my family (parents, siblings and their significant others) all piled into a cabin on a lake for a family reunion. It was so life-giving. Each couple took a meal to cook, and then asked 1-2 discussion questions. It was nice to hear people's responses and get to know everyone on a deeper level.

Hope you all are having a great week:) xoxo

That joy! I love it:)

Family Pics

Sunday, September 10


It has been weeks since I last wrote (*gasp!*) but August and now September have been a very fun months:) We spent a weekend in Tahoe with friends, had visitors from Indonesia, and flew to Utah for a wedding. Avonlea was the sweetest on the airplane, she seemed fascinated by everything!

We finally took a few family pictures, now that we are a family of three:) This is one of my favorite spots in the park, and I thought it might be fun to take them every season as the leaves and park change significantly with each passing summer, fall, winter and spring!

Avonlea is 5.5 months now, I cannot believe it. Time flies SO fast with a baby, and it's amazing to see how much they grow and change and learn. They are little sponges….it's fascinating! I am in love with this sweet girl:)

How has your summer been? Hope it's been wonderful! xoxo