A Nepali Wedding: the ceremony

Thursday, August 29

To see Part 1: Getting ready, click here. 

This day was a uniting of all that is important:
Two cultures were being merged, 
two families connecting in a unique way, 
and most importantly
two people becoming one. 

Catching the intimate moments between the families, the culture and Shona and Santosh was magical. 
{the father's meeting} 
{the mother's delight at their children uniting}
{Santosh's sweet sisters giving him a blessing!}
{the pastor and his wife bringing the word in English and Nepali!} 
  {finishing the ceremony with some delicious Nepali food!}

have a wonderful week lovelies! 
Kev and I are currently in Cambodia, 
and are beside ourselves with how much we LOVE this country! 
More on that later:) 

love Katie 

A Nepali Wedding: Getting ready

Monday, August 26

There are some moments that take you by complete surprise, and this was one of them. 
We had been living in Nepal for a month, 
when I got an email out of the blue from a couple planning on getting married in Kathmandu. 
The groom was Nepali and the bride was Canadian. 
They had found my blog {oh internet, you amaze me!}, 
and were emphatic with excitement that I shoot their wedding.

I was beside myself! 
Yes, I love photography and feel alive when I'm capturing beauty through my lens. 
But a wedding? 
I had previously only done one wedding 
which was a favor to one of my neighbors. And that was a pretty casual affair. 
But this? This was like the real deal. 
This full on cross-cultural wedding at a gorgeous venue in Thamel seemed a bit out of my league. 
But they said they had prayed about it, and felt as though God was leading them to me!

I felt so honored and humbled!
so I said yes.

I met Shona and Santosh at their pre-wedding shoot in Patan Durbar Square!
We had so much fun and connected instantly! We felt like old friends:) 

But their wedding...ohhh goodness. 
It was probably one of the most beautiful events i've ever been too. 
Not just gorgeous in the sense that it was at a lovely venue, but was just dripping with love,
and saturated in the Holy Spirit. 
They had a full on worship session for half an hour, 
and I literally could not  contain myself and had to sing along!

I think you'll see how much love just radiates from this couple by their pictures!!!
There were SO many pictures to choose from, but today I thought i'd share the "getting ready pictures" 

love Katie 
{their wedding verse...a pearl of great price}
{a last embrace from her sweet parents} 

{this intimate moment left me in tears...a mother singing to her daughter. seriously precious}

 I can't wait to share more of this wedding with you later this week! 
Thank you Shona and Santosh for the gift of being able to be a part of your special day! 

love Katie 
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