a love song, written just for us

Tuesday, August 13

Exactly two years ago, I got married.
we, got married.

It has been an adventure beyond my dreams,
with a man that adores and honors and loves me deeper and higher than I’ve ever known in this world.
a love certainly, that I don’t deserve.

It is a mystery to me, this bond in marriage.
It is sacred and holy,
crazy and wild,
and serious
All at the same time.

Today, in honor of our anniversary, I thought I’d share a special treasure of our love story with you.

Kevin’s proposal was absolutely epic and beyond my imagination. 
That boy can be ridiculously creative when he wants to! 
As part of the proposal, his sister and brother-in-law surprised me with a song 
they wrote specifically for Kevin and I. 
Talk about tear-city…I laughed. I cried. It was a lyrical love fest to our ears!
 Another friend of ours recorded the song, 
and it is just plain beautiful.
 I think it is my most played song in itunes:)

Both hilarious and serious, this song tells our story in a brilliant way.
It also inspires me to know that our love can be a ministry of grace to each other, and to others. 
Jeff and Kristi, thank you for one of the greatest gifts we've received as a couple

You can listen to it here,
{you have to let it load, and be patient, but it will work!}
And the words are below.

Katie was living in Chico land
When she got a job south and moved to follow His plan
In books, Jane Austen is her number one pick
But the Sound of Music is her favorite flick

She loves to bless people just like Jesus would,
Making life fun as she moves throughout her hood
Little did she know about the people she would meet
Especially a man who would sweep her off her feet

Kevin Cook, yeah, he’s our little bro,
He used to wear his hair in a really sick afro
What we want to say is that he aign’t no plain Joe
He’s seeking Jesus and he just wants to know him more

Bean counter by trade, don’t let it scare you away
He’s been to Chico, Indo, Nepal in these last few days
Logically his wake has caused a Kevin Cook craze
But a fair maiden from Chico has captured his gaze

We love how He’s using you
Grace is moving through all you do
We love how you bring to life,
The sparkle in each other’s eyes

Katie was living in Kevin’s upper floor
But it was Katie’s personality he was starting to adore
It wasn’t a surprise when they started hanging more
Wondering what God might have in store

If Kevin was a brownie and Katie was ice cream
You may be a bit confused and ask us what this means
But brownies are yummy and ice cream is so sweet
And only putting them together can you make them more complete

We love how’s he using you
Grace is moving through all you do
We love how you bring to life,
The sparkle in each other’s eyes

Happy anniversary Kev,
I love you with all that is in me.

ps- I hope you'll all join me for the photo shoot link-up this Thursday the 15th! It will be such a great way to be inspired, and get creative, not to mention meet some new friends:) 


  1. Happy Anniversary y'all! May the Lord bless you with many years ahead falling more in love, glorifying Him, and joyfully living life together!
    With Love,
    Rebecca :)

  2. Happy anniversary!! May our Heavenly Father bless you with many more happy wonderful years together. Your love story as it continues to unfold makes me believe that fairy tales do come true!!

  3. this is the sweetest! happy anniversary!!!

  4. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful example of love you are!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Your love for your husband radiates from your words. Your relationship is beautiful and inspiring :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a neat/sweet way to be proposed to :) Such a wonderful memory, and what a darling couple.

  7. I love this!!! Happy anniversary sweet girl. You both are so beautiful.

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful song!

  9. Happy anniversary, dear girl! Thank you so much for sharing such a special peice of your love story with us! :-)

  10. i mean could yall be any cuter???? happy anniversary to you! im excited about the beauty post thursday!

  11. Happy Two years! Love this blog and love the song!

  12. Great song! That is a gorgeous photo from your wedding day.
    PS - I like the Sound of Music too.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  13. Happy Anniversary!! I didn't know how he proposed and I'm off to read about it. So sweet!!!

  14. Love the lyrics! Happy anniversary! Looks like your hair, dress, earrings... all of them look similar to my wedding too! How strange. I guess I copied you since my wedding was a month after yours. ;)

  15. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful proposal :)

  16. you are GORGEOUS! i love seeing your wedding pics! and what a sweet song!

  17. Happy Anniversary to you two! And what a sweet song they wrote for you guys, it's perfectly unique!

  18. Happy Anniversary dear hearts. Brent and I were just talking about y'all last night and how much you're inspiring and moving in us. A fire is burning brighter in us, and exploded into an all out bon-fire last night, much thanks to the sparks ignited by you sweet friends. We love you.

  19. Happy anniversary!!! The song is so sweet! Hope your travels were a sweet time of reflecting in the last 2 years with your Love, as well as a time of thankfulness in all that God has brought you both through in the past few years. He is active in your lives and is doing such awesome things... Its awesome for bloggers like myself to witness that through your writings!

  20. Happy Anniversary dear! What a beautiful song :) y'all are simply adorable

  21. Oh my goodness! I LOVE IT!! =D Happy Anniversary lovers! =D

  22. This is so beautiful. Happy Anniversary. I just read your post on Fairy Tales are True and I feel so inspired. What an amazing experience you must be having in Nepal and now with your travels in Europe.

    Would you be interested in guest posting for me sometime? I'd love to feature you. If so, please shoot me an email at catherinefishback@gmail.com.

    Hope to hear from you!


  23. Ah!!! Happy Anniversary!!! So exciting!!! You two truly have a rare and precious love for one another! It makes me happy to see another couple so in love with each other!!!

  24. CHILLS! Oh friend, I love this. You two are such a blessing to so many around you! Also, our anniversaries are really close!! We're August 16th! :)

  25. This is so cute!!! I love hearing proposal stories (probably because mine was boring, but I was glad either way because it was sweet enough). The creative ones are what I love though. haha. This is so nice that there was a song written for you guys for your proposal too!!!
    Happy 2 years of marriage, by the way! That's wonderful!


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