a pretty photo shoot...and your turn to be creative

Wednesday, August 7

Being in Nepal (and Europe these last few weeks!)
has offered so much inspiration and beauty to my life.
the colors, vibrancy, and patterns have sparked in me something special.

I fully believe that our God is one of beauty.
{as you read in my last post, hehe!}

the expanse and colors of the sunset,
the perfect moment when the waves crash and all colors burst forth from the water and foam,
the intricate shapes and beauty of the wild flowers.
they all speak to his infinite creativity 
and grace that he created a world so beautiful.

Because we are made in his image, creativity is a part of our very core.
our very being is written with a dna code to construct something new,
 to bring beauty to the world.
{even if you are like "I am not creative!" trust me...creativity can be in anything...math, science, design, whatever!}

so I thought in honor of inspiration
I thought it would be fun to celebrate our creativity and host a photo shoot link-up!

no need for a fancy camera or clothes...
just you and a camera!
you can snap away at a local park, a field, or even your home! 
bring a friend to take the pictures of you or a tripod. 
Have fun being creative in your outfits, in your poses, and styling!
God made you gorgeous...
I can't wait to see your creativity shine though!

here are the details....
On Thursday August 15th (so just over a week from today!)
post your pictures from your photo shoot.
Because I'm not techy at all and have no idea how to do a real link-up,
just leave a comment on the 15th that you did the photo shoot, with a link to your blog! 

and just as a little sneak peak to the photo shoot I did with a friend,
you can see the photo up top and below
{more to come on the 15th!!) 

happy photo-shooting friends:) 
love Katie 


  1. Oh my gosh, you're stunning. You must have access to such beautiful fabric where you are. That sari is breathtakingly beautiful.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! :)
    and the link-up idea!

  3. These are gorgeous, can't wait to see the rest of the shoot! I would love to link up, we'll see if I've got the time for a shoot!

  4. What a great post and idea! I've never done an outfit post before, but I'll try!


  5. There are absolutely gorgeous pictures! I can't wait to see more. I'll definitely be participating in the link up :)

  6. Katie!! These shots are beautiful, and I could not agree more with your words. He is, indeed, a beautiful maker. Love you and miss you. I so enjoyed chatting with your parents in Chico a few weeks ago, they are just wonderful & it made me miss you all the more.

  7. These are beautiful Katie!!!! What a fun idea for a link up. If you did want to use an actual link up, email me and I'll send you what I used...it's free. I was nervous about using it, but it was easy (and that's coming from a totally not tech savy girl!)

  8. And just last week I had all of my little sisters dressed in their bindis, bangles, and salwar khamiz for a photo shoot...

    You look gorgeous!

  9. You're so beautiful!!!!!!!!! Love this idea!!!!!!

  10. These are amazing photos. It's so cool that you have them to reminder this time of your life.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. so in love with this!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Holy wow you are SO BEAUTIFUL Katie!!!

  13. You are so beautiful, sweet friend! And these photos are just lovely in general as well!

  14. what a cool idea! you are so right, creativity is everywhere and in everything :)

  15. Oh girl! I just love you and your inspiring words! I can't wait to link up! =D

  16. Well....you set the bar very high!! Beautiful photos!!! But I am going to try and get some pics taken over the weekend if the weather holds!!

  17. gorgeous katie! there's truly so much beauty around us, just everywhere we look.

  18. These are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest pretty lady!


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