a very special ring

Thursday, August 1

{our first day in paris...I was a happy girl! you can "kind-of" see my new ring!}

in my single days, whenever I thought about an engagement ring,
I pictured antique/elaborate/sparkle!
However, when I actually became engaged and started ring hunting,
a shift occurred that I least expected. 

Kevin was living in Indonesia at the time, coaching basketball at a university there,
and I was taking a class called Perspectives in the World Christian Movement, basically about missions. 
which brought me to two conclusions about our marriage....
1) that we probably would be living abroad at some point
2) that we would probably be living among the poor

and when I really, truly, pictured our marriage doing ministry together,
I realized that what I wanted the token of our marriage to evoke was simplicity. 
lovely simplicity. 

Kev and I found a stunning ring that a local designer in Palos Verdes (LA) created,
and an antique-inspired band for my actual wedding ring. 
and my favorite part about the ring, was that Kevin purchased the diamond through Brilliant Earth
if you haven't heard of them...you should! 
they are a conflict-free diamond company that mines their diamonds in Canada! 
after seeing Blood Diamond, I told Kev I didn't want a diamond unless it was mined in North America. 
nice work husband, nice work. 

Fast forward almost two years into our marriage, and we are living in Nepal. 
this experience has literally changed my life.  
these past five months have been an absolute gift from God. 
there has been a lot of healing and perspective in my heart,
new direction for our future, and inspiration,
not to mention it has been like an extended honeymoon with Kev, as we are together 24/7 
(which i love and will probably grieve when we move back to California!) 

a few months ago, I was processing life with Kev and mentioned how much this season has impacted my life, heart and ministry. 
I told him how beautiful it would be to have some piece of jewelry that symbolized our time here.
Because I love turquoise I immediately thought that this piece of jewelry must be laden with said stone! 
 so...as a special 2 year anniversary present, 
Kev lovingly gave me a special ring to add to my wedding and engagement band! 
it's turquoise,
and matches my other bands!!!!
{I had a local jeweler design it and I'm seriously over the moon about how it turned out!}

I think there is something really powerful and profound about marking the seasons in your life with some special memento. 
whether a piece of jewelry, a journal (which is my go-to!), a nice picture to frame, or a article of clothing;
 it helps us remember a unique time in our lives where we felt alive and raw and transformed. 

this season has been one of transformation, and every time I look at this ring, 
{which is like every other second, at the moment...}
I will remember the beauty and metamorphous that happened in my life while in Nepal. 

do you have any special memento's that mark a specific season in your life? 

love Katie 
ps- we have been staying at a monastery the last 3 days in Belgium, so no internet!
But we just got to Delft, Holland and are loving it:) 


  1. It's a beautiful ring!!! What a perfect way to honor this season in your life together :)

  2. Oh, it's gorgeous! I love it! And I love where your original diamond ring came from too. Sweet friend, I hope you are having the most wonderful time!

  3. What a beautiful ring friend! I LOVE what you said- about documenting life with special mementoes! I totally agree!!! :) (And journals are usually my go-to also but so is jewelry! *smiles*) My mom and dad did this throughout their marriage and he gave her a special ring later on in their marriage and other pieces of jewelry that symbolized different seasons. My mom often will say that she looks back and remembers ALL that the Lord has done in their marriage. I am sure that you feel the same way. What a precious thing! I can't imagine how much life has changed and shifted as you have poured out your heart in Nepal! I am praying that the Lord blesses you abundantly in these upcoming months of transition!
    Lots of hugs and prayers,
    Rebecca :)

  4. It's so beautiful! I adore turquoise, it's my birth stone and absolute favourite to wear!


  5. What a sweet idea! I love the meaning behind it too. It's gorgeous Katie!! Enjoy your time away. :)

  6. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Katie!! What a perfect way to always remember the love and grace the Lord showed you during these precious time in Nepal! I so understand the grieving not being together 24/7...some days I get caught up in sadness about ONE day not being together 24/7...because like you, that has been one of the sweetest gifts of my life!!! I just like to think we'll ALWAYS be together this much! :)Love you girl!!

  7. Great ring! Thank you for sharing your story of love and faith. Enjoy Holland! Can't wait to read out it!

  8. Aww Katie, this is so sweet! I love the new ring :) It's absolutely perfect. What a great way to document such an awesome time in your marriage and life. So happy for you!

  9. What a beautiful ring and an amazing story behind it! I'm so glad you were able to get such a precious memento!

  10. Loving this post! Loving your ring! How have I been following you yet didn't realize it? Lol. Well I guess I did take a long blogging break - so glad I found your blog and SUPER excited to be following along!!

  11. So glad that you got your ring! It turned out beautifully!

  12. What an incredible story and beautiful ring. You two are seriously adorable. What a great way to remember those important chapters of your marriage.

  13. This is too sweet. I love all the dear, personal thoughts and memories you share with each post. How inspiring and lovely! :)

  14. I agree! Mementos are a must. Most of mine though are not from said marked, special moments or seasons in my life (other than the journals I've been keeping for years), but I do have those special items that have been handed down to me from my grandparents, who passed on before I never knew them, which are special to me.

  15. it's such a beautiful ring Katie and love that it tells about the kind of marriage you have. so beautiful.

  16. I was thinking about you today and somehow missed this post a few days ago. I am so glad you're having a great time! I am excited to see more photos! That ring is beautiful and so special! I love that idea. I usually journal, collect postcards when I travel, and take pictures to remember special events or adventures, and I usually try to buy a small momento as well!

  17. That ring is gorgeous! Together they are all stunning and I like the though of remembering a season of your life with a special piece of jewelry. I like to get coffee mugs from different vacations we go on but that isn't nearly as cool as a ring ;) I also saw the movie Blood Diamond but that was AFTER I had my engagement ring so I have no idea of the origin of my diamond. I need to start incorporating "simplicity" into my life and cherishing the little things, not just the glamorous.

  18. Beautiful! I love the story of your first ring, too. I think I tend to have clothes as mementos...I know I have a lot of memories attached to most of my clothes!

  19. LOVE the new ring! And especially love all the thought you put into your jewelry! Special and well-thought-out is exactly how it should be :) so cool that you'll always be able to look at the ring and remember this season! I also have Canadian diamonds on my wedding/engagement ring. It's the way to go :)

  20. This is so special. I love love love the ring and all it symbolizes. Beautiful just like you!!!

  21. Such a special piece to always have! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  22. It is very pretty. My wedding band is a simple white gold band that I got for $30 on amazon and my husband doesn't really have a wedding band (he had his great-grandmother's but it doesn't fit so he wears his pre-engagement ring, which was a $10 silver band. . we each had one when I was in high school). One day I hope I can buy him a real band that can fit. My engagement ring was my mom's. It is a small diamond setting and is fine for me. I never take my rings off. Do people look at your hands often in Nepal? DO they wonder about your jewelry often? I wonder if what I wear would be too much for others to see in other countries even though they are inexpensive here.

  23. what a very beautiful idea to have had that ring made. not to mention it looks great with your other two rings. and i had not heard of that diamond company but i can't wait to learn more about it now :)


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