to be ever awed

Thursday, December 13

Before Kevin and I even started dating, the very mention of his name gave me butterflies. When I knew I was going to see him, adrenaline pumped heavy in my veins, a perpetual smile akin to a melody danced musical notes upon my face.

there was this awe about him. he was quite mysterious. beautiful at that. I didn't fully understand him nor know how to fully compose myself in his presence. his secrets made me long to know more of him. 

I wondered at who he was, the suspense leaving me wanting more and more of his heart. 

Yesterday Kevin surprised me at my office. The minute that door opened and darling husband put foot to the threshold, the wonder and butterflies and dancing musical notes rushed over my frame, and all I wanted to do was scream JOY and run into his arms, and hold tight, for LOVE was at the door. 

Love is Awe. 
and it awakens us to be FULLY alive, flesh and bones blood pumping ALIVE. 

so much more is this true of our SAVIOR. 

JI Packer writes "The life of true holiness is rooted in the soil of awed adoration. It does not grow elsewhere." 


is that my heart for the Lord? 
am I knock-down-wonder-struck at his beauty? 
at his grace? 
at his LOVE? 
thankful for what he GIVES? 

Ann Voskamp, in the 6th Chapter of 1,000 Gifts writes this: 
"I was lost but know I am found again, Jesus, and I know what I want:
 to see deeply, 
to thank deeply, 
to feel joy deeply." 

"Don't I give God most glory when I am fully alive?"

One night at dusk Kevin and I ran free and wild into the etheral blue waters of kuta beach in Bali, warm and sweet washed over us. 

we dove and kicked, and held each other in awe of where we stood. we laughed with balinese children, and played and played as though we were 5 again. we stood wonder struck when the waves crashed hard on our bodies, arms, feet, legs flailing round as we struggled again earth's current, salt water lapping down faces. 

so i am tempted to believe that the only way to truly LIVE ALIVE is to swim joyfully amidst surges of life, and be ever awed and inspired by the journey. To be children dangerously playing in water, but to only see the AWE of the creator written upon the waves. 

much love and AWE to you today, 
love Katie 


  1. Katie, the way you write always makes me feel like I'm sitting across the table talking to you. It pulls me in. It challenges and encourages me. It bathes me in grace and JOY. I'm so so thankful for your heart that is constantly running after His. Much love to you!

  2. Beautiful post Katie! =D Loved and soaked up every bit!

  3. It IS hard a lot of the time to love God in the same tangible ways that we love people. Really hard. But ... as I'm learning ... it isn't impossible :) He is so well worth loving.

  4. beautifully written. I am glad you are holding onto those feelings you first had when you met Kevin. That love will only grow deeper as you get to know his heart more.

  5. BEAUTIFUL, beautiful beautiful! Seriously, Katie. BLESSED ME.

  6. beautiful post. you definitely have a way with words. I pictured the scene as you were describing it. Have a great weekend!

  7. Katie--such a beautiful post! I'm definitely going to have to read that book. Hope your week has been wonderful :)

  8. so beautiful... i love how you live FULLY ALIVE!!

  9. too sweet! and you are more than is awe!

  10. very beautiful place.....u guys are enjoying....
    Burun Esteti─či


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