An Inventory

Wednesday, May 7

I've seen this going around and have thought, how fun! Here's what's on my mind and heart recently…

Making: green juice in my new blentech blender! water + spinach + frozen berries/banana = breakfast of champions!
Cooking: NOTHING! Our kitchen is being remodeled, so sadly I eat out for almost every meal. I literally rotate between avocado rolls and the talapia salad at Rubios! Any suggestions for me?
Drinking: Sleepytime Vanilla tea. Have you tried it? It's my new go-to!
Reading: Textbooks! But besides school books, i've just started Noel Pipers "Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God". So far, I love it. So inspiring reading about women through the ages that have made their life count for the kingdom!
Wanting: spring break to arrive! less than two weeks and I am home free baby! {for 2 weeks anyway, hehe}
Looking: forward to Turkey!!! I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.
Playing: Rend Collective on repeat. Their Campfire album…swoon!
Wishing: My best friends lived closer. They are all over the world!!
Enjoying: school. I love the program I am in, and am so thankful that in a few years time I will be a counselor!
Liking: the random rain we had tonight. I lit a few candles as the soothing rain fell outside! {just an FYI, California is in a drought right now, so the rain was a total surprise!}
Wondering: when we'll decide to start a family {we're not trying, but we're thinking about it!}
Loving: morning walks with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law! Enjoying the park and their company!
Hoping: i'll be able to visit one of my best friends in Haiti, where she is moving with her husband.
Marveling: at the way God has brought me peace over my anxiety this past year!! Amen!
Needing: to work out more! Writing papers and perpetually studying is not conducive to working out. I need to get on that STAT!!
Smelling: fresh cut flowers. I've been trying to keep fresh flowers on my desk all week long. There is something about the sweetness of these lovely plants that inspires me.
Wearing: lots of high waisted skirts! I just recently got a few more for our trip to Turkey!! Fingers crossed it will not rain while we are there!
Following: people on instagram! As you know, I just signed up for instagram {here}, and am having so much fun learning more about friends and family through their pictures.
Noticing: how easy it is to become busy. I'm trying to pace my days so they are enjoyable and stress free.
Knowing: that I am to pour grace over, and over and over. Let's hope that translates into "doing"
Thinking: that my brain might explode if I try to study any more today. Honestly, my capacity to learn has been significantly cramped by how much knowledge i have tried to squeeze into the ol' noggin!
Feeling: more and more content with my life right now, even though we are not living abroad.
Bookmarking: some beautiful blog posts my friends have written lately, especially sweet Bronwyn who wrote a post on "When you feel 'less than'" here
Opening: letters from my sponsored child in Kenya. I got to meet her a few years ago, and it was such an profound experience in my life. I love letters from her:)
Giggling: during late night chats with Kev, while laying in bed!
Feeling: so thankful for this life and opportunity God has given me to be ALIVE. It has it's bumps and valleys, but to be free and thankful and present is a gift! 


  1. I love this kind of post, it really gives insight to the blogger and their real life! So thank you for sharing that :)

  2. I can relate to these - especially with school, needing to work out and being busy! So neat getting a glimpse into your here and now xx.

  3. Love this little snippet! You've got a lot of wonderful things going on!

  4. Loved reading through these. I really need to get back to working out, too! Oh, and I must have missed that you started an instagram account. Sweeeeet!

  5. What a great post, and a fun way to reflect on the present (which we often don't do)! Green smoothies have been under my "making" category as well! You should try them with banana & some honey (gives a great smoothness & sweetness) or with pineapple (gives it a tart sweetness).

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  6. Oh how fun! I might have to do this soon :) I've LOVED having you on IG! So glad you signed up!

  7. Love this Katie! And so happy you have Instagram now! And thanks for the new recommendation on a book. I will have to start that one! Enjoy the beautiful day!

  8. I did this same post today! Too funny. Great minds think alike I guess! ;)

  9. Loved reading this, girl! You are so fun :-)

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  11. I loved this, Katie :)


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