home sweet home

Friday, August 19

No matter where I travel, I always really do love coming home.
It's an ever sweeter feeling now, as we've been pouring countless hours into making our new house a little refuge of peace and love.

As much as traveling is so fun and adventurous, I think i've realized that I need a little structure and routine in my life. I love waking up in my bedroom with light streaming through the windows, knowing that Kevin is out in the kitchen making coffee and reading his Bible.

I like being able to drop by my parents house at any time, and them drop by our house. I like waving to my neighbors, and going to staff meeting each week where I connect with all my co-workers.

I think structure also allows me to better find times to spend with God. Do any of you find that sometimes vacation throws that off?

We have a lot of fun things coming up this Fall:
My brother's getting married in a few weeks
We've got our dear friends from England coming out for 3 weeks in November, where we'll be taking them all around California!
And then of course the lovely holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas!
I cannot wait to spend my first Fall back in Northern California where the leaves turn colors and it gets a little more crisp in the air! Woo hoo, so excited.

Like I said,
home sweet home:) 

Happy weekend sweet friends! xoxo

ps- my shirt is from here

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