Bora Bora Day 1

Monday, September 19

If I had to pick a favorite island on our Tahiti cruise, it would hands down be Bora Bora! I LOVED this island, and we got to spend 2 whole days there with Inspiration Cruises & Tours! Basically, our 2 days there seemed perfect. Day 1 I got to check some things off my bucket list…like swimming with sharks and manta rays! oh my! 

We started the day with a sweet talk by Chuck Swindoll. As I may have mentioned before, he's hilarious…such a fun guy who has some much energy, even at 83 years old! He read the word of God and really set our hearts in such a wonderful place that day! 

After the talk, Kevin got to live his dream of wake-boarding in the ocean. Inspiration cruises are outfitted with such awesome activities that are included in the ship. So we headed down to the dock, and our sweet activities director spun Kevin around the island on the wake-board. I watched from the boat and snapped a bunch of pictures of him! 

After wake-boarding, we mozied on up to the pool deck and lounged in the sun with the most gorgeous view of Bora Bora in the distance. Then, we headed on our snorkeling excursion. I was SOOO excited/nervous to swim with sharks and manta rays…as i'm slightly afraid of fish, haha! Any time we snorkel, Kevin knows the rule that he has to hold my hand the whole time, haha!! This was no exception. 

Our first stop was out in the middle of the ocean where the lemon and pilot sharks roam. I was terrified when I saw them. They were huge! The pictures below don't really convey that, but when I go through our GoPro videos, I can hopefully share some close up videos of the sharks! Once I saw the guide swimming with them, I eased up a bit. I finally jumped in and got comfortable, but still kept my distance, haha!! One of the guides took our Go Pro for a bit and swam down and grabbed the fin of one and swam with it. I figured if the shark didn't bite the guide, who was literally hanging off of him, he probably wouldn't even noticed me (even in my bright red polka dot swim suit, haha!!)

We then got back in the boat and headed to the manta ray spot, in the most turquoise waters i've EVER swam in! The manta rays were INSANE! Right before we jumped in, one of the ladies reminded me that Steve Erwin, the crocodile guy, died from a string ray. That was NOT comforting to me, but the guide assured me that these manta rays swam with people all the time and were not threatened by them. The guide then jumped in and started kissing the manta rays…so I thought, ok…if the guide can make-out with the manta ray, I can at least touch them and not die. Needless to say, I was fascinated by them, and spent half the time of Kevin's back because I was so afraid i'd step on them (as we were in really shallow waters, haha!). 

Our last stop of the day was a huge coral reef with thousands of fish, and a huge barracuda. Some of the guys on our tour even spotted an eel, which I stayed away from, ha! 

On our boat trip back, our guide took out his ukelele and sang traditional tahitian songs…it was so beautiful and i'll always have that memory in my mind. If you got to Bora Bora, you MUST do this tour…it was one of the coolest experiences of my life! 

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