Bora Bora Day 2

Tuesday, January 10

You may have thought I was finished sharing my photos from our Tahiti cruise...but delightfully, I still have some islands to share with you! If you missed my first few posts, you can catch up here:

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Bora Bora was without a doubt my favorite island on the cruise! And to my excitement, we got to enjoy 2 full days there!! Make sure you check out Day 1 in Bora Bora above, as we did some CRAZY bucket list items, like swimming with sharks and kissing manta rays, haha!

Day 2 in Bora Bora was equally awesome as we spent some more time on land (but still got some great reef time!). In the morning, we headed out to a Motu (or a small island off the main island of Bora Bora) to do some incredible snorkeling. Bora Bora is known for it's waters...crystal clear and so many fish! Kevin and I paddle boarded to our heart's content and chased fish, it was great. We then headed back to the yacht and changed our clothes to head to mainland Bora Bora.

One of Kevin's favorite things to do anywhere in the world is drive a we rented a scooter and scooted the entire circumference of the island... It was spectacular! Bora Bora is world famous for their huts over the water, and it's pretty big league there...with the Hilton, St. Regis, Four Seasons,  and others! Each part of the island is different, and it was so worth it to see it by scooter!

Once back on the boat, Kevin and I cleaned up and got ready for the big luau on the moto. We were all excitement dressing up and hanging out with our sweet group of people, taking pictures at sunset and enjoying the beautiful view. One of the neatest parts about being on an Inspiration Cruise is that you meet some incredible people.

That night, after a delicious dinner, we got to see the show of a lifetime! Polynesian dancers, fire throwers, and the two combined made for an incredible show. We were even called up to try our hand at shaking our hips...basically a massive fail, but it was hilarious!

That night as we got back on the little dingy to take us back to the yacht I couldn't help but think what a memorable night it was. I felt so grateful to be alive and experience the different cultures of the world. God is so creative, that's for sure!

If you've never heard of Inspiration Cruises & Tours, then don't wait to check them out. The quality programs they put on are exceptional, and the people so wonderful:)

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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