Apple Hill- the place Fall Dreams are Made of

Thursday, November 16

Think of the most "fall-ish" place you can imagine…and chances are it will probably resemble Apple Hill:) If you live in Northern California, you'll want to visit this stretch of apple farms, pumpkin patches, vineyards, and treats galore! It's the stuff of Autumn dreams:) 

A few weeks ago my sister Lena and I took Avonlea to Apple Hill. It was the perfect day and we had such a blast stopping at all the farms…each unique and fun in their own way! Here's a round-up of our favorite places…

1. Our Favorite Farm: Delfino Farm
This farm is absolutely dreamy. From the minute you drive in, it has breathtaking views from every angle! The grounds are covered with a gorgeous vineyard, apple orchards, corn maze, and grassy knoll for you to enjoy. What I really loved about Delfino is all the walking trails. You can get some good exercise and enjoy the fall beauty surrounding you! 

2. Best Pumpkin Patch: O'Hallorans Apple Train Ranch
O'Halloran's is a diamond in the rough. It wasn't busy at all, as most people don't think to stop…but it is absolutely charming. I felt like they had the most picturesque scenery…we snapped pictures of Avonlea in the apple orchards, and their pumpkin patch is so cute! They grow all their own pumpkins and had a super cute little pumpkin sign! If you want to snap some fall pics, O'Halloran's is your place! 

3. Best Place to eat for food and ambiance: Grandpa's Cellar
I first found Grandpa's Cellar because it's the only place in Apple Hill to offer a wide variety of gluten-free treats (apple crisp, cake and cookies). Their apple dessert game was STRONG! Besides having so many yummy desserts, they also are the only farm in the area to have a picnic area in the orchard. Lena and I took our apple crisp to a table in the apple orchard and ate…didn't get more scenic than that:) 

4. Least Favorite Place: Abel's Apple Farm
Because this place is one of the first farms on the way up, it's PACKED! It's also really tiny so you don't get that "farm" feel. To their credit, they do have a lot of food options, but to me it was a disappointing ambiance. 

Tip: Start at the most northern of farms and work south. Most people start at the southern farms and work up. This will mean that you will hit less crowds! We started at Apple Ridge Farm, and went to Grandpa's Cellar, O'Halloran's, Denver Dan's, and then finished at Delfino! It was a great day! 

Hope this was helpful! We had so much fun. Avonlea LOVED it…she was fascinated with all the people and colors and pumpkins…but her favorite thing was trying to eat the apples! So cute! haha! Enjoy the pics! 

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