Let's come together for Galentines day!! An opportunity to love our sisters!

Tuesday, February 9


Have you ever heard the term "Period Poverty"? I hadn't, until last week when a friend posted a few statistics in her stories on IG. It really struck a nerve. 

Essentially, "Period poverty refers to the inadequate access to menstrual hygiene tools.... In the United States women struggle to achieve adequate menstrual hygiene due to lack of access and lack of income." 

First of all, being on your period is BAD ENOUGH (amiright??!!??), but imagine not being able to afford sanitary products while on your period. 

Imagine having to choose between buying tampons or buying food. 

Imagine not having any sanitary products and being forced to skip school for a few days while on your period. 

Imagine making your own tampons out of toilet paper and hoping for the best. 

This is the stark reality for many beautiful women in our own country, and certainly a huge issue affecting women across the world. 

My friend mentioned someone she knew doing a sanitary product drive for her city, and I was so inspired I thought it would be great to do one here in Northern California where I live. I have contacted both the local homeless shelter as well as a few after school programs in our city, and both wrote back that this is a HUGE issue and they would LOVE the extra support. 

So...this Valentines day, I'd love to band together as women and gracefully overwhelm these awesome non-profits with a gift of sanitary products for their girls and women to use!!  

Here's what i'm thinking...
- If you are local, you are more than welcome to drop any pads or tampons at my house OR I would be more than happy to come pick them up from you! Please DM me for details. (You can give of what you already have, or purchase a new box. You can also send cash as well if you can't get out!) 

- For those who aren't local but want to give, please email me (hopeengaged@gmail.com) and I will give you my Venmo. I plan to go to the store and purchase a bunch of both pads and tampons! 

For reference, a box of tampons is around $10 and a box of pads is around $7!! 

Thank you so much for being willing to give! I can't wait to bless these amazing organizations that support those in need. Valentines day, a day of love, is about so much more than just romantic love. It is acts of service and kindness that can demonstrate our love for our neighbor as well. Let's do it together!! 

Happy Valentines week friends!! 

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