There is nothing I love more than making new friends:)
ohhhhh, I hope we can connect!
even though I secretly wish it was over coffee/tea at a cozy little cafe, email's still wonderful!

can't wait to meet you friend! email me at... 

much much love,

“If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze.” -Catherine of Siena 


  1. Hi Katie,
    I just saw that you were following me, and decided to come check out your space! And what a pleasure! You're writing is beautiful along with your amazing pictures. I am now you're newest follower. I think we should exchange blog buttons!


    How Sweet It Is @

  2. Hi Katie,

    Thank you for reading my blog post "me" and leaving a sweet comment. I enjoyed reading some of your posts as well. God bless!!!

  3. Hi, I can't see a way to unsubscribe from your blog, as I am cutting down on my emails.

  4. Hi Katie, I'm humbled by the good you're bringing into people's lives, it's amazing. I'm a part time uni student in Italy, my course focuses on working in the non-profit sector, and am currently writing an essay for civil economics (ie: economics with a heart!). My essay deals with changes in society (with a spotlight on possibilities created by internet, microcredit etc.) but I'd really like to include your story of Africa Hope tshirts (I read about on your blog) as an example of positive action in real life. I'm writing to ask if that's ok with you, thank you!

  5. Hello Katie, just wanted to tell you that your Turkey to Greece guide is very thorough and helpful. I truly appreciate you sharing your itinerary with us. I am planning a trip in November and copy pasting your trip. Thank you very much!!
    Any reason why Antalia was not on the itinerary?


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