Oh hello lovely....

I am so grateful and humbled that you would consider sponsoring my blog. My heart behind sponsoring is to be a community that encourages each other’s passions and unique giftings. I believe in stepping out, taking risk, and ultimately living a brave life.  

I would also like to note that I will not be keeping any of the money that comes from sponsorship. I believe this humble little space belongs to God, and want to give Him whatever comes from it.  Every penny I receive from sponsorship will go directly to a charity of my choice. At the moment, this money will be funneled to the after care home in Nepal where Kevin and I worked at in 2013. The home exists to love and rehabilitate girls who have been rescued out of sex-trafficking.

So in a sense, think of your sponsorship not only as advertising to your blog/business,
but also a way of giving back to heal a world in need. 

I would love nothing more than to feature your blog, business, etsy shop, etc!

Ads are priced at $15 for one month, or $35 for 3 months! 

So let’s get started!!

email me at hopeengaged@gmail.com for info 

have a sweet day friend,
love Katie 

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  1. Such a wonderful use of the sponsorship funds. Your heart is such a delight to see in this community! Praying for you as you take this new step in the journey to bring glory to His name!


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