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Thursday, November 24

{ kevin and I at ca adventure...my favorite part is watching kevin laugh hysterically when he rides ca screaming...seriously I get a belly ache from laughing watching HIM laugh. Don't you love to laugh? }

Happy Thanksgiving! Ohhh how I love today...the essence of gratitude and joy seep forth - love as palpable as the turkey roasting in the oven:)

God has filled my heart with blessings beyond compare, a list far too long to even fill the blog. 2011 alone has brought a trip to Indonesia, the most wonderful husband I could fathom, a beautiful and welcoming new family, and a sweet apartment with lovely neighbors. And of course, God has brought me to new places (some hard and some wonderful), and his GRACE and HOPE continue to extend into my life.

But today, I find myself so thankful for those small spontaneous moments, where you look around and tears fill the eyes and you know that God loves you so deeply. Last night Kevin and I had one of those profound moments, and while it may seem silly, I felt wrapped in the Father's arms....

Last night Kev and I wandered to Disneyland, excited to taste and feel the Christmas spirit with all the decor and lights and music. After a ride on California screaming, and a yummy dinner at the Fortune Cookery, we meandered into the California Grand hotel. "Grand" just doesn't do it justice. That place is like walking into a palacial hunting lodge fit for a king. The Christmas tree was the tallest i've seem in a building, twinkling and glittering in full glory. And slightly to the left a huge roaring fire place in a nook, cluttered with art deco chairs. The fire's roar was enough to tempt me to perch myself against the grate, and Kevin followed suit.

{ lobby of the california grand hotel! um...does it make you feel like you are in beauty and the beast? }
{ seriously, is there anything better than a fire place on a cold day }

We smiled and inhaled the moment. Happy families strolled by, bellboys aflutter, delicious scents coming from the restaurant next door. Divine.

And then in an instant, it all started happening. A man donning a guitar sweeps in, sits down, and the next thing we knew, we were a part of a massive sing along 'round the fire at the happiest place on earth. Kev and I caught eyes, and giggled hysterically. And then we sang.

{ guitar man in full strum...can you see me in the background clapping along? I was seriously getting into it }
{ my view from the fire place...does it get any better? }

Zippa-dee-do-da, Home on the Range, You are my Sunshine, Thank God I'm a country boy. And we sang some more. Red faced and rosy, strangers together lifting voices, while lights danced and sang along beside us. I'm not sure how long we were there, but we savored every last drop, like the remnants of a peppermint slowly melting on the tongue.

{ love of my life }

And in that still frame, I felt so loved. It was unexpected, but God knows how I love all things nostalgia- singing and being together round a camp fire like in the old days. God surprised me, and it was holy (and hilarious).

{ ok, ok, ok....we had to take the classic Christmas pic! }

So today amongst everything else I have to praise the good Lord for, I am so beyond thankful for surprises and God's unexpected ways of loving us.

And...Kevin just told me a baker at Avalon made a gluten and dairy free cake for me. So thanks again God...wasn't expecting that!! Happy Thanksgiving, and may God surprise you and love you today!

love Katie


  1. katie, it's just me your new friend chelsea...commenting to say that the similarities of our lives never end. i am gluten and dairy free too!

  2. Chelsea! yeah, that is hilarious how much our lives mirror each other! LOVE IT! Come back to CA so we can finally hang out!! Love Katie

  3. awww Katie. You are so beautiful my friend. You RADIATE our Lord, and you encourage me so!!!


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