April 18

Wednesday, April 18

April 18th 
Today was my actual due date 
Yep, that's right...I was born 6 weeks early
first time i've ever been early to anything in my life
all went downhill after my birth
kevin's working on changing that habit 
we'll see how that goes

I LOVE this picture of me and my mom 
Chubby cheeks? CHECK
hard to imagine i weighed only 4 pounds at birth
evidently i put the pounds on fast

my dad tells this story that when i was born, he could hold my whole body in the palm of his hand
it's become a bit of a legend
he shared it in his awesome daddy speech at our wedding
makes my heart happy thinking about that moment

spending so much time with my mom and dad this weekend made me miss them. 
love you M&D

love Katie 

...and so excited to share a sweet story with you next time....


  1. you are so cute!!!
    i love you katie!

  2. I love your baby pictures!!! And those cheeks!!! I love Ruth's cheeks-I truly don't know how to stop snuggling up to them or kissing them. I am going to work on reading through your blog :) It will be like reading a great novel...
    love, Anna

  3. You're so sweet to comment on my blog :) Thank you so much :)
    And you're absolutely beautiful!

  4. Oh my gosh Katie. Where do you live? Blogger meetup? I think yes!

  5. Oh my gosh Katie where do you live? Blogger meetup? I think yes! Also, I'm newly married living away from my parents as well!

  6. Awe, you are just so sweet Katie! I hope your weekend is so absolutely amazing :) I'm excited for you guys. That is so funny that their birthdays are the same ;) Happy birthday Kevin!


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