ice cream and redemption

Sunday, April 8

friday night was GOOD friday
and 2 sweet college age girls from our neighborhood came over and we had a girls sleepover
one was a girl i met immediately when i moved into the neighborhood 3 years ago
and the other i just met in january and saw come to know sweet Jesus

3 girls, we sat
we ate ice cream sundaes and i made them sit in front of my fake fireplace with me
we giggled, like girls do, and we drank tea and coffee in cute anthro mugs and felt cozy

but then we began to share
life stories.
our stories. 
and these gorgeous girls whom i love, became real
and i did too.
we each opened, raw and vulnerable, slow and steady, recounting sins destruction.
other's sin. our sin. 
tears into anthro mugs.  

and on that "good" friday tales of 
hurt, pain, suffering

seeped raw on the table. from the inside we wept for each other, for the things we each had to face. no, no, i screamed. that isn't fair. no one should have to deal with this. or that. 

at last our stories laid bare, we huddled together on the big couch. we held hands in unity, and shared this spiritual moment that jesus, yes JESUS, he is bigger than our past. he is more powerful than sin. 

ah yes, he took this sin with him on good friday. he carried it. and today, HE ROSE. 

He ROSE, and it was gone. and as we sat there, THIS was the picture we received....

drugs redeemed!
humiliation redeemed!
abuse  redeemed!
suicide redeemed!
promiscuity redeemed!
cheating redeemed!
addiction redeemed!
hatred redeemed!
unforgivness redeemed!
hurt, pain, suffering redeemed!
loneliness  redeemed!
sickness redeemed!

Easter is about redemption. our redemption. all things made new
in Christ's POWER
restoration is ours
healing is ours
forgiveness is ours

and so we ate pancakes with strawberries and banana, and we prayed "Lord, make us new" 

and so we press in. and the potter, yes, he makes us new. 
Love Katie


  1. This post makes me smile so big! I love this.
    I'm really just at a lost for words. But let's just say, I'm your newest follower ;)
    Praise Jesus!


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