the villages

Tuesday, May 7

I got news for you peeps....

time travel exists.

and it's called rural nepal.

let's start with a few dead give-a-ways to time travel:
ox-carts (no cars. i'll say it again. no cars!)
water wells
eating only with your hands (I swear I didn't see a personal utensil the entire time i was there)
goats and buffalo and chickens running free in everyone's house
no electricity
very traditional (but beautiful!) dress

it was without a doubt the 4 physically hardest days of my life.
but it was also amazing and illuminating and incredibly energizing.

I can't really share a whole lot of what we did or where we were for security reasons,
but I will say that the people there inspired me to live my life in a deeper way. 
A way that honors times instead of waste it. 
To use every moment for glory. 

one sweet memory that I will cherish forever is when the women in one of the villages received my mother-in-law and I with beautiful sari's. They spent 45 minutes painting our nails, doing our make-up, painting our feet, giving us a bindi and sindoor on the forehead, and wrapping us in our new sari's!
it was surreal!

I will be forever grateful for the treasure of spending four full days with my in-laws doing something that will eternally impact the kingdom. 

happy Monday sweet brave today:) 

love Katie 



  1. This is so amazing, I can't get enough of your adventures!

  2. Beautiful pictures! You look absolutely stunning! You are living out what it means to be Jesus to the world. You're an inspiration to me! I love you, Katie!!

  3. this is amazing katie!! sooo good to see you doing so well, and such beautiful people and pictures.

  4. Wow!! So much love and smiles all around! God bless you and your journey, girl!

  5. Beautiful photos!!! I eat with my hands and my parents and husband were always a bit embarrassed by it (I try my best to eat with utensils, I promise) and so now when they mock me for it I say, "I'm preparing for the mission field in India." I didn't know the Nepalese also ate with their hands, but then again they do live near to one another.
    I love these updates!!!!

  6. Great snapshots girl! Keep the updates and stories coming! Love them all =)

  7. Girl this is amazing!!! I love that picture of you and the little baby. What an adventure you all are having!

  8. Wow, what an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiance! It looks like you're having an amazingly blessed time in Nepal!

  9. Those pictures are incredible. What an experience!!!

  10. Wow, your husband SOOO takes after his dad!!!

  11. your pictures always capture the beauty that surrounds you!!! Sounds like y'all are having great experiences and making fantastic memories...and touching lives!

  12. What a beautiful place! Seriously AMAZING! I just love that they welcomed you and pampered you! What a loving people!

    Such a sweet adventure :)

  13. Girl. This brought so many tears to my eyes. How beautiful. What an amazing thing for you to see and go somewhere like that. What an eye opener. Those children are PRECIOUUSSS. I want to SQUEEZE one (ten) of them!!!! I can't even imagine what went on there but I so know that y'all are impacting the Kingdom greatly! I am so in love with all of those pictures!!!

  14. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit! Sometimes I think that life was just so much less complicated 2000 years ago!

    xx Lynzy

  15. these pictures are stunning and so is your heart! so grateful for your experiences over there. and how cool to share something like that with your in-laws??

  16. teared up at the beauty in these photos. love you so dearly.

  17. I think we all need you said, to honor times rather than waste it.
    and so many people waste it...
    I loved this post.
    so beautiful...and so are the pictures!
    have a wonderful day!

  18. i love these pictures so much! and your husband looks so much like his dad!

  19. Your pictures are breathtaking Katie! What an amazing experience that they got you all "dolled up." Such sweet looking faces in these pictures.

  20. Love your pictures! This post was amazing and so eye opening!
    New follower from the Abigail Jasmine blog! Looking forward to your next post!


  21. Simply amazing Katie. I am so glad that you are feeling inspired and full after these experiences...and thank you for the reminder to be brave!

  22. Oh my word. Katie, I've just discovered your blog and I am in love!

    I've been to Nepal but never been to rural nepal. Only been to kathmandu, chitwan and pokhra.

    I'm ecstatic to hear you are feel really good about your experience, I can imagine how fullfilling it must feel.

    Fantastic photography by the way!



  23. Wow. You guys are brave, for responding to the call and the opportunities that you get. And I've had the experience of being "dressed" before. Whenever I go to an Indian ceremony, party, or wedding wearing a sari, I can expect to be dressed and undressed by women I've never met before at least three times throughout the night, who all have opinions about how I should tie my sari. It's definitely an interesting experience!


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