by our love

Friday, May 17

There are these moments when I see heaven on earth
as I watch a believer engage with the world in deep, humble and sacrificial ways.  
This happens every day as I watch the staff in the aftercare home pour life and love drop by drop.

 Almost a month ago we received two sweet precious girls. 
Scared and trembling they came to us. 
One child specifically feared the darkness, for in her past, the black of night only meant terror.

And I watched as little by little, day by day, this sweet blossom of a girl began to  open.
And I also watched as our staff pressed in fiercely to be by her side, 
night and day when the fears reared their evil head.
And soon the radiance of light began to replace the darkness.
beams from heaven were already crashing in.

Just last week this same child, with a sparkle in her eye and a smile on her face whispered softly and gently to one of our staff…
“ I have never felt loved like I do now. It’s because you guys are Christians, isn’t it?”

friends, I cried the happiest tears my little heart could spout. 
This little girl, 
from a broken home, 
a hindu home, 
KNEW we were Christians by our love.

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?
That we are known by our love?

Our staff did not force, coerce or dictate this girl to Jesus.
Our staff member loved this sweet girl to Jesus.
A Jesus that embraced this little one’s scars,
Held up his own scars,
And said “I gave my life for you and love you higher and deeper than you even know”.

There are no holes in the gospel when we choose to love people to Jesus.
When we engage with
the hurting, the broken, the scarred, the wounded, the hopeless.
Our gospel is alive and whole.

praying we can all do a little examining this weekend and find the holes that may be present in our gospel. 

much love,


  1. Katie, what a beautiful post. E and I were literally discussing this last night and I feel like this the final tug I needed. It brought tears to my eyes to read that your staff member loved her to Jesus. What a wonderful testimony of how we should be living! Thank you for this :) There are definitely holes in my gospel and I need to patch them up!

    grace & love,

  2. Just beautiful, Katie. Your love is so clearly evident in your post - brought tears to my eyes this morning! I'm so thankful for the great example we have of love in Christ and that we are able to be a part of his plan for the nations.

  3. This is beautiful.. I have been so excited every time a new blog post of yours pops up in my reader.

  4. I feel like the Lord has us on the same wavelength! Every time I read what you write it totally coincides with what the Lord is showing me at that very moment. :) This whole past week I've been thinking heavily about this and forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone, it is so hard, but you are so right, it's what we are called to do. Our love for others through Him will draw so many more than our words! Love it!!!

  5. so beautifully written. I feel like reading your blog is my devotional for the day. you give me so much to think about in my own life. thank you for helping me become a better person :)

  6. Katie you are amazing. God's love is just pouring out of you on these people and I love what that girl said to you. So sweet!!!

  7. Beautiful. Love is so powerful. You inspire me. xoxo - J

  8. Beautiful. Love is so powerful. You inspire me. xoxo - J

  9. Beautiful. Love is so powerful. You inspire me. xoxo - J

  10. Beautiful. You are such an inspiring friend.

  11. Okay, first I just want to say thank you so much for the encouragement you posted on my blog today. Second, I just teared up reading this. Third, You are an inspiration, and I love your blog and the way that the Lord is so evidently using you to reach others. So cool. I am also looking forward to reading your blog. Love it. Peace and blessings to you. God is so good!
    Love & blessings,

  12. Your story brought tears to my eyes. That is exactly how it should be! I've seen it happen before-I've seen people come to the realization that we live the way we do and we love the way we do because of Christ, and that's such a powerful truth. Keep up the good work!

  13. OH Katie. I've got tears just reading this! How wonderful that she KNEW you by your love! You're living as Christ has called you to and people NOTICE! I'm so proud of you!

    I LOVE these pics..

    ....and I love your nail polish :) {hey, im a girl..I notice these things!}

  14. I finished reading that book 2 weeks ago. Best book I've read this year (I've read 30 books this year so far). I'm a child ambassador for them so they sent me two copies for free (gave one to my friend). I just received his newest book too (two copies for free) and can't wait to read that one as well!!! Cry it out!! That little girl has seen and tasted true Christianity!!! That is wonderful!!! I want to hug her.

  15. What a beautiful, brilliant, refreshing reminder to read midway through my day. Thank you Katie!


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