Credit Card Miles for Travel: A word of caution

Wednesday, April 23

You all know I sing the praises of using credit cards to explore the world {see here for living proof!}. However, the other day, a reader sent me a message asking me if Kevin and I just rack up credit card debt in order to get miles. The alarm bells started tolling, and I knew I needed to address this issue.

Our stance on credit card debt is a NO TOLERANCE rule! We never ever spend what we don't have in the bank. Debt is one of the worst things you could possibly get yourself into {for many reasons!}, and we have been lucky enough to avoid debt at all costs!

Kevin and I have 3 different miles credit cards. However, we have paid off every single credit card statement we've ever received. This is key. If you are in debt now and are tempted to get another credit card, don't. Pay off the debt you have, and then think about ways you can keep yourself from falling into debt in the future. Our policy is "if we don't have it, we can't spend it". Kevin keeps a tight watch on our bank accounts so that at all times, we know what our capabilities are.

Traveling is wonderful, but not at the expense of debt.

If you are interested in what credit cards we have,
how we pay for each credit card,
and where we've flown using each credit card,
see my post here!

Happy Wednesday friends:)
love Katie

ps- a month till we fly to Turkey {using our Chase Sapphire Preferred Card!} 


  1. Ah, such an important word of caution! Credit cards make debt (especially when traveling) so much more tempting but no less dangerous. Although I was blown away to learn the French only use debit cards, I've since become a huge supporter of this alternative.

    Also, your photos from Easter are BEAUTIFUL. Must've been all that love. xo

  2. Thank you for this post, really helpful :)

  3. We also have a no-debt rule, ever since Angel paid off his college loans back in 2010, we've been debt-free, and I'm grateful for that. (I am glad he took out the loans, though, since for him it was either that or not going to college--since he was able to pay off the loans within 1.5 years of being done with school, I'd say it was worth it!) We do use credit cards to get points, but we use them the same way we would use cash.

  4. Credit cards have such a bad rap because people abuse them. I have had one since I was 18 or 19. I wanted to build credit. My parents made it clear that I had to pay it off every month and I did. It taught me how to take care of bills. It taught me to spend only what I have. I get that it seems easier to spend money when you don't have to physically hand over cash. The interest rates on credit cards are insane. One month I under paid by a penny and had over $3 in interest by the next month.

    I can't believe how easily someone will take out a credit card and use it as a loan!

  5. This is so important. Debt is such a scary thing!

  6. It always baffles me how people can just put money on their cards that they can't pay off. Good word of caution for those that need it! And I can't wait to see your adventures in Turkey. :)

  7. That is definitely a great advice! You have to be so careful when using credit cards.

    It's so exciting that you get to go to Turkey! It will be so much fun :)

  8. Great advice! and I love that you have a no tolerance rule! WAAAAY excited for you! Cannot wait to read about your new adventures!

  9. We live by the same rules! We are just now starting to use our miles and I'm excited to see how far we can go!

  10. AMEN. Cards are the best for miles/points what have you (we've paid for many a flight and hotel here in the states that way) but we adhere to the zero tolerance debt rule as well.

  11. YES! So true! We've never had credit card debt, but just student loan debt was bad enough. I'm so glad to be free of all of that! :)


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