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Friday, July 25

Well praise the Lord and glory be! As of today, i'm finished with my summer semester, and it feels so good. I have three fabulous weeks off school before I gear up for the Fall semester. It's like I can now enjoy summer for what it really is…VACATION! {cue the BBQ's, watermelon and long lazy summer nights!}

As you could probably tell, the last few months have been a little sparse on this blog. Somehow when your husband has a heart attack, you have 5000+ pages of textbooks to read for school, and visitors from around the world are gracing your doorstep, the ol' blog gets shoved to the wayside! {womp womp, poor bloggy!}

But, I'm SO excited to share with you what's coming for the rest of the summer and this Fall! Here's a bit of a sneak peak:
- The rest of our Turkey and Greece pictures! {stayed tuned next week for our Cappadocia pictures! Kevin and I went on a hot-air balloon ride in the most incredible spot in the world!}
- More travel tips {such as what to pack/ what to wear/ where to go/ etc.}
- And a series on something that is very near and dear to my heart…extending peace and loving our neighbor {in a very surprising place}. Intrigued? Well, stay tuned for this exciting announcement!

So…now is the FUN part!! I need your help for two things!

1) First…I keep forgetting that I have an F.A.Q. section on my blog that I haven't filled out, haha! If you have a question for me, write it in the comments, or email me, and i'll be sure to include it in my FAQ's! Easy peasy, right?

2) Second, and more importantly, I have a FUN offer for you all! Remember this post where I shared all about our experience with using Travel Credit Cards? {which is basically what gets us all around the world for free!} Well…at that point in January, we had just started using the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, and our experience was really great! Now…7 months, and one trip later to Turkey/Greece, and we are FULL ON BELIEVERS in this card!

Right now, the Chase card is offering a really sweet promotion! If you are looking to sign up for this card, and you let Kevin and I refer you, you will be given 40,000 points, AND Kevin and I will receive 5,000 bonus points! {just as an fyi, to get the bonus points, you have to spend $3,000 in the first 3 months! I used mine to pay for my tuition and kevin used his for work related expenses!}

Need a refresher on what makes this card so great? 
To start with, if you use this card to pay for travel related expenses and restaurants, you get twice the amount of points per dollar! {score!} Secondly, you can redeem your points through a variety of different airlines {more airline options and dates available to you!}. Third, there are no foreign transaction fees {which is a HUGE plus when you travel abroad} and the card has a chip embedded which allows you to comply with European technology! {which we have found SO incredibly useful!} We literally could not believe how easy it was to book our ticket to Turkey with this card! And just as an FYI if you are wondering how far your 40,000 bonus points can get you…well, we used those points to get our flight to Turkey and only had to pay the remaining $300! That's right, we had only had our card for 2 months before we got a round trip ticket for almost free! So if you get this card now, chances are you might be able to fly somewhere in the very near future!! {You can read more about the card here}

So, if you are interested in applying for this card, here is what you can do: 
1) Email me to let me know you are interested! {It's ok if you are not 100% sure! All that happens is I put your email address into the referral program, and Chase will send you an email. It's up to you if you want to actually go for it!} 
2) Once you apply for the card, let me know, and I will offer you FREE AD SPACE on my blog for two months! 
3) Start to Travel! Woo Hoo!! 

**And, as usual, please remember that Kevin and I by no means endorse credit card debt! We only charge on our credit cards what we have in our bank account, and we pay our statement on time every month. We have just found that utilizing travel credit cards is a great way to save money on your trips! For more info on using credit cards responsibly {and having a zero tolerance for cc debt}, see my post here.

Hooray! So…quick recap- send me any FAQ's you may want me to answer, and email me if you are interested in signing up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card!

Also, my friend Erika just wrote a powerful, thought-provoking article that I think everyone needs to read! {read it here} Plus she's hilarious and authentic and you need to meet her!

Happy Weekend Friends!! 

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