in awe

Wednesday, July 2

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, 
places to play in and pray in, 
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike" 
-John Muir {on Yosemite} 

If you've been following along via instagram, you've seen we are in Yosemite at our Swedish American Family reunion. Today we hiked beneath the giant sequoias and sat facing the absolute beauty and awe that is the Yosemite Valley, with Half Dome stealing the show. It is like a scene from a fairy land, with rushing waterfalls, dense forests, and such great majesty. It is beauty that feeds our soul. And I am in awe at the wonder and creativity of our God. Drink nature in today friends, the rest will begin to heal and rejuvenate your core.

And as a side note, i'm guest posting over on my friend Bronwyn's blog today about how Kevin and I got started in our neighborhood over 5 years ago! You can read it here.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. looks so beautiful!!! :)
    I'm so glad y'all are spending time surrounded by those you love!

  2. Great guest post Katie! I had nk idea you and Kevin had that experience. You two are amazing beautiful souls! :)

  3. What beautiful pictures lady! ) Looks like y'all are having an awesome time! :)
    :) Rebecca
    p.s.- LOVE that quote!

  4. Amazing, makes you appreciate nature seeing views like that!

  5. Absolutely breath taking!! Enjoy every second!!

  6. We made the trip to Yosemite this May - It was BEAUTIFUL! Wish I was back there now, enjoy!!

  7. ...VERY beautiful--and the scenery's not too bad, either, :-)...Isn't our God MARVELOUS???...

    Betty J. Ogburn

  8. You are such a gorgeous couple! A very serene post, love your photos girl! xx

  9. This is stunning and so are you deary! Soak it up! :)

  10. Looking forward to getting the low down on this new trip! (Gorgeous views included... but I can say that since I've been out there before)

  11. okay. so y'all are just adorable. hope you have a great rest of the trip!


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