swedish midsommer and yosemite bound

Monday, June 30


Have I ever mentioned to you all that my dad is Swedish and that we are kinda-sorta-really into being Swedish? We grew up hosting our Swedish cousins (many of them came to live with us), and visiting our Swedish family in the mother land. Some of my most idyllic memories happened around picking berries and milking cows at my family's farm in Sweden, swooning over the quint yellow and red houses, swimming in their endless lakes, eating crayfish dinners on warm breezy nights, and being spellbound in Stockholm's old city of Gamla Stan.

Four years ago Kevin was introduced to my lovely family in Sweden, as we jumped into a week of Swedish craziness at a family reunion in central southern Sweden. For a week, our family toured all the birth places of our immigrant family, ate delicious food, sang Swedish songs, and just generally got to know everyone on a deeper level. It was one of the most amazing weeks of my life, and i'm so happy Kevin was able to share it with me.

Since then, we've hosted many of my Swedish cousins at our home, and now, four years later, we are all headed to a week of Swedish fun at a retreat center in Yosemite! Our whole big Swedish family has made the trek across the pond and over to California! Kevin and I leave today, and I'm so excited for all the activities planned! {think campfires, hiking, and even a Swedish Midsommer celebration complete with a maypole! epp!!}  Not to mention we will be in one of the most magnificent valleys in all the land, Yosemite.

For more of the fun, follow along on instagram here!

Happy Swedish week to me, and Happy American week to you! 


  1. ...Have fun with your family, and Godspeed on your journey there, :-)!!...

    Betty J. Ogburn

  2. have fun! safe travels! sounds like a blast.

  3. yay! have the best time with your swedish fam :)

  4. Great to hear you have experienced our beautiful country http://visitors.blogg.se

  5. How fun have a great time with your family!

  6. Whoa, have lots of fun reuniting with family! My Dad's family is Dutch--I feel like they identify with their heritage more at some times and much less at others, it goes in seasons, haha!

  7. :) :)
    I have been following along on instagram! it looks like y'all are having so much fun!

  8. How adorable is your ENTIRE family. Hope you having so much fun!


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