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Friday, June 13

If there is something I love, it is a letter in the mail from a dear friend or family member. There's something about snail mail that just sends the message that someone thought of you, and took the time to do all the ol' fashion steps, like put it in an envelope, seal it, stamp it, and mail it:)

I was literally giddy when my high school friend Lindsey shared with me her new company called The Pennie Post.  Lindsey and I grew up together and since then she has gone on to study graphic design and work at a greeting card company!! Essentially, The Pennie Post is a monthly subscription where for only $11 a month, you will be sent 3+ sweet cards in the mail, all designed by Lindsey! {and i'll have you know that Lindsey is one of the most creative and innovative people I know!}

Lindsey just sent me my first 5 cards, and I am in love! The theme for the set of June cards is, "Aloha". Here is what I received:

- Hula Girl Card
- Father's Day Sea Turtles Card
-Teal Dotted Notecard
-Little Lemon Enclosure

In my excitement, I actually already gave the Teal Dotted Notecard away to a friend who just graduated! Whoops! But I snagged a picture off The Pennie Post blog so you could see that one!! Aren't they So cute!! {swoon….I know}

What I love about this subscription is that it is both creative AND functional! Cards are something we use all the time! Think about the fun of getting a surprise package each month! I've already realized that having these cards makes me more aware of who I want to give them to, and hopefully i'll be more intentional about sending love to my friends and family.

I've done a little Q&A with Linds about The Pennie Post to answer all your questions….

How Much does it cost to sign up for the PP?
1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions are available. 1 and 3 month
subscriptions work out to be $11/month. 6 month subscriptions are $60
($10 a month) and 12 month subs are $110 ($9.17/month)
Is shipping included in the cost?
Yes, shipping is included in the cost!

Where and how do you sign up for the PP?
You can sign up at

How many cards do you receive each month?
Each month there will be a minimum of 3 cards or stationery items

What part of the month do you receive your cards?
For all subscription orders placed before the first day of every month
orders will be shipped out within the first 7 days of that month. New
subscriptions placed after the first of every month will ship out
within 4 business days if stock is available. Orders placed after the
15th of the month will receive the subscription for the following
How and Why did the PP start?
I've been designing wedding and party invitations for quite some time
and I wanted to create something more focused on everyday greeting
cards. Everyone loves receiving cards, but most of us are pretty bad
when it comes to sending them out. I thought that a monthly card
subscription service would be great and would help eliminate the last
minute run to the convenience store to grab a card. It's also fun to
receive a surprise in the mail each month!

About Lindsey:
I've always loved making cards for friends and family. My love for art
and design lead me to college where I majored in Graphic Design. After
a couple of jobs, including working for a greeting card company I
decided to venture off on my own. I've been designing invites and
stationery items for my company, Elsie J for many years now and love
it! This year I was inspired to create a monthly stationery
subscription service and Pennie Post was born!

Ok dear friends... ready, set, GO sign up for this sweet monthly subscription now:) And then send me a card:) haha!!


  1. Adorable cards! I agree, snail mail is the best. Especially when it's this cute!

  2. These are so awesome. I love all the designs--the style is so fresh and fun! My favorite would have to be the Father's Day card though :) Thanks for sharing!

    xo, gina

  3. This is the most wonderful. I absolutely love sending cards to my loved ones. Wishing lots of success for your talented and creative friend! xo

  4. I love it! I was just thinking about something like this when I was browsing for a new baby card at the drugstore. I love cards, but they're so expensive these days at the drug stores and sometimes I feel like I see the same ones over and over again. What a fun idea!

  5. That father's day card is just adorable!

  6. ooh! those are such cute designs! i feel just the same about snail mail.. i guess most people do love to receive them.. but we often forget to send them out. if you don't mind checking out our lovely letters snail mail exchange that i host with another blogger.. you sign up once a month to have a new blogger partner and you get to know them and send each other snail mail. lmk if it's something you'd be interested in! or even have you co-host one of the months if you're up for it. :) i know i wouldn't mind swapping mail with u!

  7. they're so cute. and love the idea behind them!

  8. These are so cute. What a great idea!

  9. I am a HUGE fan of snail mail! Everyone who knows well knows that receiving a personal note in the mail is my absolute favorite thing in the world. This stationary is right up my alley and I am so thankful that you shared. Also, I just have to say, I am swooning over the first photo on your post! Beautiful!



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