Castles in Sweden // Lacko Slot

Monday, October 5

Kevin and I went to Sweden with literally no plans. My Swedish cousins pretty much planned our whole trip and played tour guides, and it was perfect. My one request was that we could tour a castle! I'm such a nerd and love castles SO much, and this one did not disappoint! Lacko Slot is located on lake Vanern, and is Scandanavian through and through (I kept pretending I was Anna or Elsa from Frozen, haha)

The castle was originally built in 1298, and expanded almost every century! The setting for the castle was absolutely stunning…sitting right on the shore of the lake, surrounded by gorgeous gardens and grass. We packed a picnic and ate before moving into the castle to take a tour!

After the tour we headed over to a little town nearby for Fika!! Fika is a coffee/treat break that Swedes are obsessed with- i've already told Kev we need to adopt the tradition, hehe! The boys fished and us girls laid around on the grass…it was lovely!

If you are ever in central Sweden, Lacko Slot is a perfect day trip!!

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