Our White Christmas destination this year…and a little help from you!

Monday, November 2


Being from California, I've never experienced a white Christmas, and let's be honest, a snow covered day is a total dream in my book!

A few years ago, I started hearing about the incredible goodness of Christmas Markets in Europe. In many towns across Europe, carts are set up beginning in Nov/Dec selling mulled wine and yummy foods, as well as row and rows of stalls selling trinkets and other holiday goods! The cities are decorated with Christmas trees, carolers, and all the festive trimmings! I was hooked! I've never been to Europe in the winter, much less Christmas!

This past summer I whispered this dream of mine to my dad (who is also a fellow Europe enthusiast!) and he and I started doing our research. We watched the Rick Steve's Christmas episode, which documents how Christmas is celebrated in 5 different countries in Europe (it's magical, you can watch it here for free!).

Much to my great surprise and excitement, my family decided to spend Christmas in Europe this holiday season. God is so kind and tender, and while so many dreams of mine don't seem to go as planned, this one truly surprised me in the most amazing way.

Here are a few pictures of where we are going…what's your guess???

{via 1, 2, 3}

The answer is Switzerland and France!! We'll be all over in Switzerland, and even pop up to France (Colmar and Strasbourg!) for a few days!

Here's where I need help:
1) I've never spent much time in the cold weather! What kind of jacket, boots, scarves, beanies, etc. are the absolute warmest?? I get SOOO cold, and want to be prepared so I need all you cold weather people to update me on the latest gear!! Ready, set, go….

2) Anyone been to Switzerland/Colmar/ Strasbourg for Christmas? What was your highlight? Our trip is mostly planned but we still have a few days unaccounted for and I would LOVE your ideas!!

Started the 5 week count down already:) Have a lovely Monday friends, and thanks for the suggestions!!

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