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Thursday, February 25

It's almost been a year since I discovered 100% Pure, and to say they've changed my skin is an understatement. I doubt i'll wear any other make-up because this stuff is the real deal. As someone who has dealt with skin issues since high school, I am so thankful I found this company. I wanted to share with you today the products that I wear every single day. I've tried a lot of their products, and some I like more than others..but the items below are products I love and will continue ordering. Here we go…

1. Mattifying Primer: I start with this product every morning. After I wash and dry my face, I rub a drop of this primer over my skin. Because this is 100% pure of toxins and chemicals, the nourishing ingredients include aloe, seaweed collagen, eucalyptus, tea tree, oregano, thyme and other natural ingredients. This is the first primer i've ever used that didn't break me out, but instead added an extra coat of silky support for my skin! And it's part of the huge give-away below:)

2. Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation {in Peach Bisque}: After applying the primer, I let it still for a few minutes while i'm working on my eyes. Then I use a beauty blender (total game changer!) to put on this healthy foundation. This foundation is amazing. It gives good coverage without being cakey. And, my first bottle I bought lasted me 9 months! I just recently had to purchase a new one.

3. Fruit Pigmented Sex Kitten Palette: I'm pretty simple with my eye make-up. I like good neutrals for my lids, and then use a darker shade to line my eyes. I used to use the Pretty Naked Palette (which I also love), but it doesn't come with a dark purple color (which the sex kitten palette does) which is what I use to line my eyes. The nice thing about these palette's is that they also come with a blush, so when I'm feeling like wearing blush, I can just use this one as opposed to buying another blush. And, all the colors are pigmented by fruit which is so awesome!

4. Maracuja Mascara: Black Tea: My favorite mascara ever. It smells delicious, and more importantly, doesn't make my eye lashes droopy or worn out. It makes them bright and perky, which I love. It is also packed with essential oils, which makes me happy.

5. Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick: I've tried almost all of 100% Pure's lipsticks and lip glosses. These pomegranate lipsticks are my favorite. They are so moisturizing because the majority of the ingredients are shea butter and fruits:) If you like bright colors, I love primrose (which is a bright pink) or poppy (which is a pinky red, may be my favorite). If you like a more muted color, foxglove is a good choice.

I hope that was helpful! In another post I have shared what skincare products I use on a regular basis, and hopefully this will inspire you to throw out those toxic products you use, and start treating your skin to non-toxic and gentle cleaners that actually work!!

Happy Wednesday friends!!

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