Our European Christmas Trip

Wednesday, February 10

I am almost done going through and editing all our pictures from our European Christmas trip. It's been fun reminiscing on each city we visited and how they decorated and celebrated the holidays.

I have also gotten a massive case of the giggles more than once looking at myself in this red hat above. I literally wore this hat almost the entire trip, and today just started to refer to myself as a cotton headed ninny muggins (Thanks Elf!!).  The term just fit so well with my little red hat, ha!

So, stay tuned next week as I start posting pics of our trip. If you've ever thought about going to Europe during Christmas, or even just in the winter season, i'll be sure to include all the tips we picked up along the way. I'll be linking the amazing Air BnB's and apartments we stayed in, as well as the yuletide activities we participated in:) I hope it will be helpful for you!!

On the home front here, we are getting more settled into our house each day. We've been able to walk EVERYWHERE, which is basically the biggest blessing ever. We've walked to church, to friend's houses, to my basketball games, to bible study. I feel like Rory from Gilmore girls, it's great. Now I just need to find a Luke's Diner (that serves gluten and dairy free, haha!).

Hope your Wednesday is amazing:) This Friday i'll be sharing more about Sari Bari, and my time in India capturing their story. Looking forward to showing you the gorgeous products from this amazing organization!!

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