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Wednesday, December 14

No other brand has changed my skin like 100% Pure. I know i've talked about it before, but I truly struggled with acne for a big chunk of my adolescents and into my 20's! (You can read more about that here). So if that's you, I can totally relate! 

It wasn't until I made some major life changes that my skin started getting better. The biggest change was throwing away all my toxic skincare and make-up, and starting over with totally PURE and CLEAN products, which is ALL 100% Pure sells!!

You can see my favorite make-up products here, and my favorite skin-care products here. I have one change i've made to my skin-care routine, which is that I started using the coconut whipped body butter as my every day moisturizer. It actually all started on accident, when I ran out of my old moisturizer, and all I had was the body butter. So I used the body butter, and my skin felt SO hydrated and moisturized! I've used it for about 6 months now, and I literally haven't had any break-outs that entire time and my skin feels so good!

Right now,
all products are 20% off,
there is free shipping,
and the body butter is even discounted!
(It ends Dec 15th, so get on it!!) 

So, if you've struggled with acne or sensitive skin…look no further. I promise you these products will truly change your skin!! To get your 20% off, just click on the link below!!

20% Off Everything

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