A lovely February

Monday, February 27

 February has been a sweet month (no pun intended, hehe!). One of the most fun surprises has been hosting 2 Japanese college students for 3 weeks. We have connected so well with them, and they get so excited about everything…and I mean everything, haha! It makes me laugh when they start squealing with joy over this and that. They've been coming to church with us, and have been so open to hear about Christ's love. They fell in love with that Matt Redman song 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord, Oh my Soul…), and so we've had that on repeat at our house, ha! I found it in Japanese on youtube, and they were so excited. Today as we were making lunch together, I turned to one and told her I was going to miss her so much (as they leave on Thursday). She literally burst into tears and came and gave me the biggest hug. What a blessing they have been:)

Valentines day was a ton of fun. Kev took me out to breakfast at a new place we'd never tried, and it was delightful. We're still working through the 100 questions I found online (the ones we started on our babymoon in Tahoe) and had a few good laughs that morning at breakfast. We went on a walk before Kevin had to go to work. Later that night I made a big Valentines day dinner for both Kev and the Japanese girls. I made the girls Valentines and wrote them little notes, and cut out hearts and put conversation hearts in a bowl (I always forget how random conversations hearts are…haha! I tried to explain them in English to the girls, they thought they hilarious). The girls were obsessed with the Valentines (I had some Disney Princess ones, so classy!). That night, Kev surprised me with this necklace that i've been wanting for quite some time. I had no idea he remembered, and his thoughtfulness overwhelmed me with gratitude! We never buy each other gifts for Valentines (besides flowers and chocolates or a date at a restaurant), so opening that gift was so special:)

Weekends have been filled with farmer's market visits with the girls, lunch dates, church, and some lovely baby showers for me. My sweet Aunt Susan threw me one, and my dear friends Rach and Nance threw me one. I couldn't have been more blessed! I'll share more about those after our sweet baby girl is born (3 MORE WEEKS!!! EPP!!), as both were themed according to the name we picked out for our peanut (which I'm keeping a surprise from the internet until she is born, haha…you'll just have to wait:)

I'm finally on maternity leave, and now comes the final prep! On to decorating our baby girl's room, packing our hospital bag, getting in some much needed sleep, and spending lots of time with people:) I have a feeling March is going to change my life:)

How was your February? xoxo

 My frilly black dress is from here // The colored scarf is from here // The grey jacket is from here // The grey shirt with the leather elbow patch is from here

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