2 weeks until our sweet baby girl arrives

Tuesday, March 7

After carrying a baby almost 40 weeks, it's amazing to me that we are in the final stretch. Baby girl is due March 21st...exactly 2 weeks from today! Holy Moly! My favorite part of these past few months has been feeling her move inside of me. I sometimes forget there is a tiny human in me, and then she starts to kick and punch and it makes me giggle! Kevin and I love praying, talking and singing to her. We are over the moon to see what she looks like, so crazy!

This past weekend my college roommates threw me a shower down in the bay area. I'll share more pictures from that time later, but it was so incredibly delightful and life giving. Life long friends (like these girls) are one of the greatest gifts in the world. On the way home, Kevin and I saw a gorgeous orchard of almonds that were blossoming so we made a spontaneous decision to pull over and sneak into the orchard for some maternity pics (as i've hardly taken any so far!). I had on no make-up, my hair wasn't brushed, and I literally threw on a dress I got at a thrift store that weekend (that I hadn't washed yet, whoops! ha), and we ran into the orchard and snapped  a few pics. The wind was howling and it was freezing, but oh so fun:)

Any last tips for me as a new mama to a newborn? I'd love your thoughts!! Happy Tuesday dear ones. Today my mama comes over and we will start tackling the nursery, woo hoo!! And then Thursday is my birthday. So all in all, I think it's going to be a good week:) xoxo

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