Enjoying our girl

Tuesday, April 25

A week after she was born my mom and I snapped these photos of Avonlea around our house. She's now 3 weeks old and I can already tell she's grown! She's an amazing little eater, and her stomach is so round it's hilarious!

We are just in love with this sweet girl and enjoying her so much. Yes, we are a bit sleep deprived, and yes, I spend my days mostly nursing and rocking her, and yes, I'm mostly covered in spit up and breast milk…but I honestly can say that I really love it. More than I thought I would, which has surprised me. I'm not sure what I expected to feel like in the weeks following the baby, but it certainly has been really lovely. This little one has charmed my heart:)

I'm healing up well, and starting to take walks which has been a game changer. She loves to walk! It's been raining a lot, but starting Thursday it's supposed to be in the 80's and completely sunny for a while, so i'm pumped!!

The flower game here in northern california is strong, and I'm loving all the wildflowers in the hills, the gorgeous blooms at the farmers market, and the bouquet of daffodils on my kitchen table. The camellias in the pictures above were cut from a bush in our yard, just love them!

We've got some sweet visitors this week so i'm looking forward to that! Any fun plans this week for you??

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