Need your help...where should we go in Oregon?

Wednesday, July 5

Hi friends! Wow nelly, it's been a whole month since i've written. We spent a lovely week at the beach in Santa Cruz, and Avonlea and I have been visiting people and enjoying summer. Not to mention we've been dealing with our house flooding and our book cases having to be ripped out! womp womp, haha! That's life, right?

But..we are planning our first real vacation since Avie girl was born, and are thinking of going to Oregon. Probably start in Portland and then go to Astoria, Cannon Beach, and somewhere else on the coast. I would LOVE your suggestions...

where to stay?
what to eat?
what to do?

Know anyone that lives there? Do you live there? Hook me up!! Kevin and I have never explored Oregon and are really excited to do so! We'd love a locals perspective on things:)

Hope you all are enjoying summer and staying cool!! Thanks for the help xoxo

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