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Tuesday, July 18

This last month has flown by! There's been the good, the bad, and the ugly at our house. The good of course being our sweet girl Avonlea...oh how she just delights us. The bad...we've had a few leaks at our house and are still dealing with the flooding from May (these are the times you are so thankful you pay for the dang insurance! ha). And then there's the ugly...Kevin and I got food poisoning and let's just say it was not pretty! And also, as you can see from my blog, Photobucket decided to change their policies on 3rd party hosting, so my blog is a mess. However..it's getting fixed, so hopefully soon it will be back to it's clean format:)

BUT...i've so enjoyed slowing down and noticing so many lovely things in our lives. Most of my favorite things going on are the sweet people i'm with and the relationships forming. But apart from people here's a bit of a round-up of what i'm loving this past month...

Breath Study

My sweet friend Adrienne recommended this study to me, and a girlfriend and I are going through it together this summer. I've so enjoyed it. I've never prayed through the psalms before, and it's been delightful. Each day there is a psalm to read through, and then respond by writing your own prayer inspired by it. God has revealed snippets from His word that have encouraged me so much in the way I needed that day. It's also really different than anything i've done...totally recommend it:) {and it's gorgeous, which is always inspiring!} Looking to go through more of the Bible Studies at Life Lived Beautifully! 

I recently stumbled across an amazing artist named Deann. Her art is incredibly gorgeous...layer upon layer of color and beauty. Currently she's got a line of florals, ballerina's (which I would love for a little girl's bedroom!) and iconic churches. Seriously some beautiful eye candy! 

I'm not sure I can even express how much I adore this recipe! Seeing as i've already made it 4 times since I found it, i'd say it's a total winner. So easy, so yummy, and most ingredients I have on hand....just need to pick up some fresh chicken and asparagus! The sauce though...so so flavorful! Make it and you'll thank me...well, you'll actually thank The Saucy Kitchen:) 

The Crown

I know i'm late to the game on this one, but holy moly! The writing and acting in this show is unbelievable. And it's incredibly fascinating getting a glimpse into the royal family and the tensions that existed between being an individual and being "the crown". I also loved learning more about Winston Churchill. The scene where he's getting his portrait painted and him and the painter are sharing their lives with each other was brilliant. I have to admit that I did watch the first episode almost a year ago and wasn't impressed, so it wasn't until a few days ago that I decided to give it another go. And i'm so glad I did...it only gets better and better.

Compton Coffee House

So...some friends of one of my friends are opening a coffee shop in Compton (in Los Angeles County). I cannot tell you how passionate I am about seeing people live missionally wherever God calls them. This couple has been called to live and love in Compton, and their desire is to open the only independent coffee house in the whole city. As they put it "In the end, community is the goal; coffee is the method." Here's a brief snippet of their goal
"We live and work here in the City of Compton. As of now there is not an independent Coffeehouse in the city. This is not because residents don't want one; currently our neighbors leave the city to catch up with a friend, work, or study. While there are a couple of big chain coffeehouses, there are few local alternatives for those who want ethically sourced, sustainably produced, organic options. In addition to creating a place to grab a cup of coffee or a snack, we want to facilitate community enrichment, like poetry and art nights or panels to discuss relevant issues, all while staffing with a local workforce that is paid a dignified wage."  
Think about how much you love your local coffee shop...can you imagine if you didn't have access to one? I know how much I LOVE the coffee culture of hanging out, reading, meeting friends, and just feeling inspired by drinking something yummy and having a relaxing space to be at. That's a pretty neat gift to give to someone else:) They are currently raising money to start their shop, so you can see their campaign and give here!  

"Hello" Doormat

Kevin and I went to Home Depot this weekend to get some supplies for a project we're working on. I always love Home Depot because it means we are DIYing together, but I've never really bought anything to accessorize with there. I happened to notice this doormat and instantly fell in love. I've been seeing these cute doormats all over the internet, but for SO expensive. Well, hello and thank you Home Depot! I brought this little baby home for $6.99! Woo Hoo!

Sally Clarkson Podcasts

I adore Sally Clarkson! If you haven't read her books, then get on it. They are inspiring, refreshing, life-giving, and so so challenging in an inspirational way. Whenever I'm cooking dinner, I put a podcast of hers on. It gives me something to think about and figuratively chew on. You can see her blog and listen to her podcasts here.  This one above on manners was fascinating...she had some great ideas for how to creatively teach your kids appropriate ways to behave:)

Books Books and more Books! 
I'm loving using the time I spend nursing to read all the books i've been wanting to! I hope to do a post on the books i've read as there has been some fun ones. Stay tuned! What are YOU reading? I need some new titles!!

What are you loving this summer? I'd love to hear your round-up!! xoxo

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