Thoughts on Motherhood

Monday, August 14

While I was pregnant, I loved reading books on motherhood and would spend many a morning or evening curled up on the couch with a book (hot tea, and on occasion popcorn! ha!). A sweet woman at my church gave me a copy of an older book called "A Mother's Touch" by Elise Arndt. It was such a sweet book full of wisdom and I cherished every chapter, as though it was food for my motherhood soul. The cover had a mama bird perched on her nest, as little baby birds looked up at her. It was a precious picture of how dependent our children are on us in the beginning, and how our care matters greatly.

One of the biggest take-aways from the book was the idea that as a mother, we are given the beautiful opportunity to make a home a dwelling place of our tender Lord. Elise writes...

"A mother who loves Jesus, and longs to be like Him in every respect, as the ability to transform any ordinary home into the very dwelling place of God. Her home becomes a place where Jesus lives and loves. In such an environment, His presence can be felt at every turn"

"I came to the conclusion that mom is one of the most important elements within any home. She is the one who sets the tone and creates the atmosphere. Home can be the very dwelling place of God, where the loves of Jesus is experienced at every turn. Home can be a refuge for a weary husband and uptight children who seek retreat from a world which is really Satan's domain. What a beautiful experience for any child to have a home filled with love, kindness, and joy. When a mother is content in her calling of motherhood and at peace with God, she reflects these attitudes to her family"

What a beautiful picture, that while hard to live out, is so necessary! It's the reminder I need to continually sit in His presence, so that I can allow HIM to fill me…as I can't do it on my own. I can't force joy and I can't force kindness, genuine joy and kindness and love pour out from the source of it all…God himself.

I know my sweet girl is so little now, but at every turn I'm choosing to give her all my delight. To smile at her, speak words of life and love over her (I think I whisper in her ear "I love you" or "you're my special girl" more times that I can count), because I want to look at her and speak to her LIFE, as our heaven father speaks life to us.

How have you ladies that are mamas chosen to create an atmosphere of Christ in your home?



  1. Friend. I LOVE this. I love those thoughts completely. I am seriously writing this down. What an encouragement- for mamas but for every woman to embrace. Truly we can set the stage and tone for our homes - where Jesus can be experienced at every turn. Thank you for sharing this today!! Sending love!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Sweet Avonlea is so precious! We have a 4, 2 and 10 month old and I have been learning the hard way how much my attitude affects the rest of my family and home. I have been challenged to make sure my cup is filled by Gods word, praise music to sing and dance to with my kiddos and to repent and pray with my kids and husband when things need to be put back on track. Also, I like to to remind myself that when I focus on all the to-do's or stresses of family life I am missing out on focusing on the amazing blessings!

  3. LOVE this! Your heart just encourages me so much :) Love coming to your little space on the internet for a little reminder and encouragement. You are the cutest!

    Any favorite books you recommend? For a mom to be, dad to be or parents to be? It's time for me to start reading!

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment:) And I so see these qualities in you...I feel like everywhere you go you bring with it the sweet aroma of Christ:) Now I want to come visit you in NY!! xoxo

  5. Hey...I am so so excited for you to become a mama. I have a few books I read that really encouraged me, hopefully I can share in a post about motherhood! But the ones I loved were "A Mother's Touch" and "Hypnobirthing" for the whole birthing process. I got the hypnobirthing CD which was awesome!

  6. Lindsey, thank you SO much for saying hello:) It's always great tot hear from you!! I love that you are singing praises and dancing with your kids- what a sweet picture of God's love:) Do you have a blog?? xoxo

  7. Katie, I do not have a blog, but I have enjoyed following yours the last few years and I am always encouraged by your posts and how your love for Jesus shines through them! I also have you to thank for my love for 100 percent pure products!


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