We're off to southern California

Tuesday, August 1

This summer hasn't gone exactly to plan, in fact, it's been wildly different than expected. We've had a slew of house issues (from flooding, to leaks, to our AC breaking, to more flooding…), Kev and I got food poisoning one night, and the hardest part is that this summer has been crazy-town on the farm, so Kev's been gone A LOT. We had planned to take a trip to Southern California to visit friends and family in July, but sadly, we had to cancel because he needed to work.

A few weeks ago we both were having a bad attitude about how things were going. We sat on the couch together grumbling about this and that, when we both looked at each other and were like "we need to SNAP OUT OF THIS and have better attitudes" haha! So we started recounting all the GREAT things that have happened this summer, namely that our sweet baby girl was happy and healthy and just so much fun. God gave us a great perspective on the situation, and we were so thankful. Life is just better lived with a more joyful perspective.

So…after a long summer of Kevin working almost every day of the week, we are finally getting a week off!! Hallelujah (all the praise hands lifted high!). We leave today to fly down to Southern California…Avonlea's first flight. I plan to nurse the whole way, as it's only an hour and 15 minute flight, ha! We'll see how she does:)

We are so excited to see Kevin's family and the many wonderful friends we have down in Orange County and San Diego. I took these pics of Avie girl about 1.5 months ago, but they are too precious not to share. Our neighbor gave us that adorable mushroom onesie that just kills me with how cute it is:)

How's your summer going? Any fun trips/plans? Or how have you enjoyed just being right where you are? xoxo

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