An evening in Lagos, Portugal

Friday, January 21

I had no idea what to expect of Lagos. Since we were staying in Salema and not Lagos, I did little research on it before we left. However, as Salema is a tiny town, we decided to spend the afternoon and evening in Lagos on our first night there! It did not disappoint! 

From Salema, we first drove to Dona Ana Beach, which is said to be one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. We walked around the platform up top and just appreciated the scenery. Since we knew we'd be doing a beach hike the next day, we left and drove into the actual town of Lagos. 

Lagos is a VERY old city. Because of that, it is almost impossible to drive in. We accidentally took a turn into the old walled city, and I've never seen Kevin so stressed out. But for good reason...the streets were SO narrow and one wrong turn down a one way street could really mess things up. If you have a rental car in Lagos, make sure to park at the parking garage on the main road along the coast. We ended up there, and it was a great relief! From the parking garage, you are only a 5 minute walk into the old city plaza! 

Walking up to Lagos felt surreal. There were buskers playing beautiful music on guitars, kids laughing and running around, a little ice cream truck where Kev got a cone (as a reward for the stressful driving hah!). We sauntered through the city and did a walking tour from a Rick Steve's book, where we learned a lot. Took me back to elementary school where we learned about the famous Portuguese explorers. 

For dinner, we stumbled upon the most perfect restaurant. I'm one of those people who absolutely loves it when restaurant is both pretty, has delicious food, and the ambiance is top notch. This was one of those places! While we ate, a man played his guitar and it was just so dreamy!  It actually was our favorite dinner on the trip! The restaurant is called Taberna da Mo, and you can see it here. The food was SO good. We both got a lamb and one beef. 

Our one afternoon and evening in Lagos was a total success! Lagos would definitely be a great place to stay in the Algarve if you are looking for nightlife and a faster pace! If you're looking for an incredible beach and a slower pace, I'd absolutely recommend Salema where we stayed. You can see our AirBnB here as well as my post on staying in Salema here. 

{even sweet Ollie loved Lagos!} 

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