A long time dream is coming true, and I'm so excited to share it with you!!

Thursday, June 23


{Photo by my dear friend Katie Drake}

Ok friends...I have an exciting secret to share with you about a dream that I have had in my heart for almost 10 years and that is finally going to come to fruition!!

Almost 10 years ago when we lived in Nepal, the Lord called me to switch careers from international non-profit work and go back to school to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. A very big part of why I wanted to step into this role was so that I could be used to encourage and offer care and support for expat and missionary women serving abroad.  

As I entered my therapy journey, I heard of an amazing organization called Thrive that hosts conferences for missionary women...retreats that have dedicated time to love, pamper, encourage, laugh with, and build relationships with these amazing women. Ever since I learned of them, I have wanted to serve. Between grad school, and birthing babies, and covid...the timing was just never right. 

Until now! 

Friends...this October I am headed to Prague, Czech Republic to spend 10 days volunteering with Thrive! I will be serving in a number of capacities, but one of my main roles will be offering therapy to the women who sign up to meet with me.  I literally can't believe I get to step into this special place after years of dreaming about it. (And i'm also in shock i'll get to ride an airplane alone without a child hanging off of me hahahah) 

Kevin and my family have generously agreed to love on our kids for us in this time (if you're local and want to send in reinforcements in this time, we won't say no haha) 

I would LOVE your prayers for my trip. Being home with 3 kids without much adult interaction makes me wonder if i'll remember how to be a therapist (ha!), but truly I am depending on the Lord for guidance and strength as I work with each individual woman! Serving in a foreign country can be difficult, isolating, and lonely, and my prayer is to be source of encouragement as we build relationships with love and laughter! 

I would also love to invite you to join in my support raising for this trip! I would be so grateful if you felt led to give. It always feels weird asking for money, but to be honest, I LOVE being a part of supporting others as they go out in this world, so wanted to extend the opportunity if anyone feels called! If you feel led to do so, here is the link for my giving page! 

Love you all so much, thank you for encouraging me and being a special part of my journey!! If you have any questions please let me know, I'd love to chat with you and answer! Thanks again:) 

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