Swedish Midsummer Party 2022

Monday, July 25

Hooray for traditions, and hosting our 3rd Swedish Midsummer Party. If you're new here, you can see the first two parties here and here

As you know, my dad is Swedish (we visit his family fairly often in Sweden & are always inspired by the landscape and style of dreamy Sweden!). So a few years ago, when I was thinking about the traditions I wanted to start with my own kids, it made so much sense to incorporate my Swedish heritage and throw a Midsummer party! 

Here's the thing I've learned...if you want to try something...GO FOR IT! Who cares if you don't know what you're doing...that's where google comes in haha! When I threw my first party 3 years ago I consulted all my cousins in Sweden, and essentially have done the same few things the last few years...

1) Swedish food! A proper midsummer party has fish, potatoes, and strawberry cake! We always add a salad, and then some fun Swedish cocktail (like the Swedish mules that had elderberry syrup in them!) My favorite salmon recipe I make is here, and you can head to my IG (@hope_ to see the recipe I made for a gluten and dairy strawberry cake with lemon curd that is delicious!! 

2) A midsummer pole! We bought a wooden dowel at Home Depot, put it into an umbrella stand, and then cut ivy or grape vines that we had growing on our fence to wrap the pole in. It's way easier than you think. 

3) Swedish dancing around the midsummer pole! There are tons of songs to dance to, but I've only learned one and its the one we do every year haha. It's a kids song called Små Grodorna and I found it on YouTube and learned the dance, and teach it to everyone every year. 

4) Flower Crowns! I love dressing up, and ask all my guests to wear white and don a flower crown if you're a lady! Avonlea LOVES picking out her crown each year (I bought a handful the first year on amazon so that we always have extra for guests!). Next year my goal is to try to make crowns out of real flowers! 

This year, we played a Swedish lawn game called Kub. Everett got so into it, and you can see his joy when he knocks down a pin and runs over to Emma our Vietnamese exchange student to hug her. It was the sweetest moment! 

Such a fun evening! Even though it can take some work and foresight, it's always worth it when I see the joy and giggles of my kids dancing around the midsummer pole and the adults enjoying a beautiful evening with good food and fellowship! That's the stuff summer memories are made of! xoxo 

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