Be Brave

"Deep within all of us there is a yearning to be brave. And like all of our deepest, truest and best yearning, it comes from how we were made.Courage-the power to do the right thing even when it is scary and hard- resonates deeply with the original shape of our soul."
-Gary Haugen

someone recently asked me what inspires me.
without thinking, I said,
brave people.

people who follow their dreams,
like really,
live in the vibrancy of who God created them to be.

it took me by surprise that I knew the answer so quickly.
but courage is something that fills the well deep inside of me.
for I believe we are meant to
take risks,
and dream big,
and stand and live and cry for the thing that matter
like justice.
and kindness.

sometimes we are scared and believe that we are
too old to start,
or we won't be good enough,
or we don't have enough money.
or that we are just a plain failure.

but here's the thing...
you are uniquely created,
and you must choose to believe that you have something to offer this world
that no one else can.
and God has plans to use that special part of you

for we serve a sweet father of abundance,
who's storehouses are FULL
and ready to pour.

yes we'll have fear.
the truth is, we can't be brave without fear, or else it wouldn't be bravery.
we'll doubt ourselves, and probably doubt God's calling.
but HE in kindness who gives passions,
gives talents to be USED.

so be brave dear one.
run wild and freely.
pray a lot.
face head-on the injustice.
and root deep in HIM.
and pursue that flame firing deep within the reaches of your soul.

and be brave.

"he who is brave is free"
- Seneca

"When it comes to being brave, we should picture the courage of Jesus-
the power to fearlessly speak the truth,
the freedom to selflessly love,
the strength to unflinchingly stretch oneself on a cross.
the truth is, in our deepest core we were actually made to be like that. "

-Gary Haugen


  1. Such an inspiration! And SO encouraging! Loved reading it. And I love your blog :) I'm a new follower too!


  2. Love. everything. about. this. I'll have to write down some of those quotes!

  3. I ADORE YOU!!! So so good. Thank you for this reminder. XO

  4. I can't believe I haven't found your space before now. The vision of my blog is also "live brave"... just as you've described. new follower + excited to find brave together :)

  5. LOVE this. So timely for me right now.

  6. I must say...these quotations really speak to me right now in a very vulnerable season of my life. Learning this boldness of spirit in Christ. Thank you for sharing.

  7. AMEN. A thousand times over. Thanks for sharing these words with the world. We need it.

  8. You're such a beautiful person! I'm so inspired by you…wondering if you're interested in swapping buttons?

  9. Oh, sweet Katie. You're always inspiring me. Thank you for this. I desperately need this right now. Thank you for your openness and encouragement.

  10. Thank you for this, and thank you for being an example of what it is to be used by God to bring His kingdom here on earth.

  11. not sure why i haven't seen this page before. but i needed it! i;m reading restless by jennie allen and it speaks to this too. god created us to be brave. to be a vessel so HE can do great things through us. all the glory to Him. ugh, i'm so encouraged by you sweet friend! love you! xox

  12. I am SO grateful that I found this blog. I am astounded by how God works. Thank you for letting Him work through you. <3

  13. lOve Love LOVE! .. Thank yOu! <3


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