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Friday, February 3

Yippeeeee it's the weekend:) Hope yours is beautiful...

This past week I had so many lovely reminders of sweet blessings in my life:) Have you read Ann VosKamp's book called "1000 gifts"? It is a call to Gratitude, of cultivating a thankful spirit that ushers us deeper into the heart of God. Kevin and I talk a lot about sowing seeds of thanksgiving. Just today, he came up to me with a HUGE smile on his face, and thanked me by showering me with kisses for cleaning our room and making our bed. His deep gratitude for such a small act of service rendered me all smiles the rest of the day:) Truly, when we are grateful, we walk with deeper JOY:)

Here are a few things I am grateful for this past week:

1) Our sweetest dearest neighbors surprising us with so much LOVE in the forms of cupcakes, and pens, and taquitos. If I have my choice to live anywhere in the world and have any neighbors in the world, I would choose mine. How can you not fall in love with little KC's face below as he presents me with a gift of a flower pen? Or the cute chicas who surprised me with potato taquitos one day...we had SUCH a feast!

2) Delish gluten and dairy free meals! 6 months ago I found out I am allergic to both gluten and dairy. Um....WHAT DO I EAT NOW (especially when your husband's family owns a bagel cafe!) But honestly, the Lord has been SO good and gracious, and has provided resources beyond belief! Not only have I found some incredibly delicious recipes, but God provided a new friend named Chelsea who has the same allergies. We get together every other week and try out a new recipe~ if you have food allergies, let's talk! I have some sweet recipes and I want your favorites!!

3) Discovering that paradise is only 5 minutes from my house! My college roomie came to visit and we stumbled upon the Arboretum at Cal State Fullerton. It's gorgeous! There are plants from ALL around the world, and it is so lush. In the middle of winter everything was in full bloom (thank you LORD for abundance sunshine!!)....we felt dignified strolling the grounds and trying to pronounce the real names of all the flora!
{my not so dignified two thumbs up pose. classy, right?}

4) Neighbors coming to play at our house! Seriously, we LOVE the sounds of a full house...laughter and curiosity and Spanish and squeals of delight! Our house is always open and always full. We thank God for an abundance of opportunities to live in community!

I hope you are filled with gratitude today:) Much much love....Katie


  1. I love that you got that photo of your little neighbor bringing you a flower pen!!

    Her book is next on my list after I finish Screwtape Letters.

    Have I told you lately I love reading your beautiful thoughts on here?!

  2. I havent yet read that book, but i sure will try to find it!!! your pic's are so cute, looks like you guys are having so much fun!!!
    enjoy and have a lovely day,

    love K


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