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Friday, August 17

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last night, running out of Costco to my car,
i saw them. 
a little ragged, toting a backpack the size of texas

they caught my eye
"excuse me, my wife and I are trying to get enough money to eat dinner at costco, do you have anything?"
hands full of groceries and no cart,  i asked if they'd walk to my car with me and then i'd check

no bills, no coins. i'm not much of a cash carrier. 
"can I buy you guys dinner at Costco?" i asked. 
heads nodding, we proceeded to the line. 

"cash only" the sign flashed big.
darn it. 
we looked around and saw a Chik-fil-A in the distance
so we began to walk,
and stories began to roll off the tongue. 

their names were randy and laurie,
and they were extremely lovely. 
they had been married 10 years
lost their jobs, and their house
and were living at a hotel across the street. 

we got to Chik-fil-A and ordered. 
while in line, they asked "why? why are you spending time with us?"
my jesus, was my reply, it was all i felt was true and real.  
my sweet jesus was absolutely and utterly smitten with this couple
and i was rapidly falling in love their kindness and joy even in the midst of such hard circumstances. 

hearing their savior's name, randy spent the next 15 minutes sharing the most incredible stories with me about ways God has provided for them in the nick of time, just when they needed to pay rent. like one time they were so discouraged and sitting on a curb in the target parking lot, and this woman just made a bee-line towards them and gave them $100 and said "i don't know why I came to target, but I don't need anything here and I thought maybe you could use this.". 

my heart dripped encouragement. 
these were people of deep faith, i stood humbled in their presence
dependency on the lord was REAL for them

they quoted matt 6:25
“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear." 

truly, i was in awe. 
i drove them back to the hotel they called home. 
more stories of abba's faithfulness 
as we got out of the car,
 i had this overwhelming sense that God wanted me to pay their rent for the week
so i walked into the office and did just that. 
when randy overheard me telling the woman at the counter what I was doing
tears brimmed his humble green eyes

and then tears began to well in my own
because i had this absolute awe moment where Abba was giving me a chance to be the church
the church that shares everything
that takes care of each other in times of need
because isn't that the body? 
the body who says, "you're in need and I have some so I'll share"
and when i'm in need, the body says "you're in need, and I have so so i'll share"

chills ran through my entire frame
randy cried
and I cried
and when randy ran out the door and told laurie
she cried too, the hand holding her chik-fil-a milkshake trembling

and there we stood, in the hallows of a dilapidated hotel,
randy, me and laurie
the church

we held hands and thanked abba
for giving me a chance to be a part of such a special moment
for giving me the chance to meet children of HIS that depended on HIM for everything
and i got to witness it. 

driving home, a smile spread wide across my dimpled face
heavenly tears rolling down my face
i called kev and told him everything
he was so excited he couldn't contain it
we praised God for this opportunity to bless others. 

as i approached home, my cell phone chimed a text
"you truly are a god-send! thank you so much, we are still in a state of disbelief! Hope we are able to see you again soon!"
and see them again soon we will. 
kev and i hope to have them over for dinner in the near future! 
and isn't it amazing that we can play a part in God's great plan when we step out and are open? 

who are we do judge others in their situations? 
we aren't
but we are to love
and i can tell you it's the greatest

have a GREAT weekend
my sister in law is getting married on saturday so it shall be a grand weekend! 
much love,


  1. "Love them of Jesus".......that's all we can do!!!

  2. I meant to say "Love them like Jesus"...

  3. Katie, this literally made me cry. God is so good and I love how you selflessly served Him instead of just continuing your day normally! Thank you for sharing this:)

  4. This is so touching. Your beauty inside and out is shining through so strongly here, Katie! You made such an impact in their lives in the name of Jesus! Can't get over how amazing this is :)

  5. Incredibly challenged and encouraged. I'm grateful you share your stories because God uses them to change my heart.

  6. Oh Katie, what a great story this is!! How awesome that God put these people in your path. I love how He works!! I also love the Stepping out Diaries series - I would love to start something like this on my blog. Keep them coming! :)

  7. Love it when these things happen! :) God-willing! :)
    It reminded me of a situation my hubby and I experienced. I blogged about it here.

  8. obviously I'm crying. This is SO beautiful Katie. I am SO proud of you!!!!! It's so much easier to ignore that still small voice, but doesn't it bless everyone when you answer, including yourself? Thank you for setting such a great example and for loving people like Jesus!!!

  9. oh my gosh, i love this... ahhh i want to be the church!!! this is so encouraging. i am with samantha on this one... God uses your stories to change my heart. :)

  10. The world needs more followers like you :)

    I know Jesus delights in the kindness in your heart.

  11. Oh goodness, Katie, this made me cry too! I might have said this before, but you're an amazing example of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus - to be the church. All I can say is wow :)

  12. Wow! Talk about a humbling and amazing opportunity. Your story literally had me in tears. Keep living for Him and His glory Katie! Great things will come from it =)

  13. Wow! What an opportunity, and it's awesome that you had the grace and the wisdom to recognize that couple and the ability you had to bless each other.

  14. Thank you for sharing...this was an incredible opportunity :) I'm so challenged and encouraged to hear about how you're practicing the teachings of the Bible. Thank you for being the church.

  15. WOW. Incredible story. Thank you for sharing your kindness with them, and the story with the world.

  16. This is amazing!!!! What Christlike compassion and servitude!!! May you be blessed for blessing others (though I have a feeling you were blessed by them). ;)

  17. Pastor Will read this at Firm Foundations yesterday and had half the place crying! Everyone was so encouraged and I wanted to let you know that God uses you to encourage not only those you encountered but those of us who get to hear about God's work being done! Thanks, Katie!

  18. I'm not sure why I haven't read this before but it's beautiful. Your faith is inspiring :)


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