a proposal of love

Monday, August 13

on new years eve day in 2010,
kevin took me to a coffee shop in my hometown. 
it was one of our favorite things to do when dating, snuggling together while drinking coffee and reading and praying and just soaking in the small and tender blessings in life. 
so I honestly was not suspicious at all that this would be the day. 

when we were finished reading, 
kev gently asked if I wanted to go on a walk. 
it was freeeeeezing out, but I agreed with a smile, and he took my small hand in his and began leading me to the University in my home town, a two second walk from the coffee shop. 

all of a sudden, one of my best friends and her husband appeared out of no where. 
they wrapped me in a blanket, handed me a bouquet, then began sharing scripture and praying over us. 

i beamed. i knew
was it. 

Kev then led me to an area filled with statues in a garden. 
Music began to play, and my family jumped out and started dancing around kev and I. 
We were cracking up. 
They each went around and affirmed us, then prayed for us and our marriage. 
It was beautiful. 

We continued along, 
Across a bridge,
 over a river, 
Around a turn, 
And then kev’s whole family surprised me. 
Again, they each went around and shared what they loved about both of us, and then prayed for us. 

After the lovely words and prayers, 
We walked along, and then another surprise…. 
To my delight, his sister and brother-in-law had written us a song 
and played it for us right there in the park. 

Tears began to fall at the magnitude of what was happening around me. 
Just so overcome, really, that anyone would do this for me. 

And then he led me to an amphitheatre. 
He read 1 corinthians 13 to me, and shared with me how I had exhibited each kind of love towards him. 

At each group of people we had passed, kev had them give me a gift that he picked out. Housewarming presents from Indonesia. He shared with me how he wanted our home to be a place of love and warmth. 

And then he dropped to his knees. 
And told me how ardently he loved me 
And asked if I would be his wife. 


And I said yes. 

From then on it was all a blur. Everyone had been hiding behind the ampitheatre walls, watching on. I had NO idea anyone was taking pictures…let alone the beautiful pictures my brother took of us. It blessed me beyond measure. 

I call this a proposal of love 
Because my dearest spent so much time planning it, knowing just the way I would have wanted it. 
He knew I wanted to include those that I love, those dearest to us. 

He knew, because he knew me. 
The deepest part of me. 

And that is the beauty of this last year of marriage,
 knowing one another more intimately and deeply and learning to speak the language of the other. 

It is a most beloved blessing of life. 
To be known. 

Love you sweetest Kevin.
Happy 1 year anniversary.  

Love Katie 

ps: enjoy the photos! it was so hard to pare them down from all the great ones my brother took! Hopefully this gives you a glimpse into that special day:)
{my family behind us...I had NO idea they were there!!}
{my sister, aka the paparazzi, looking on!}
{kevin giving the "she-said-yes" thumbs up to the family!} 
{the crew}


  1. What a beautiful testimony to the love you share.....

  2. I have tears, Katie. So sweet and so intimate. Your love reminds me why it's so much better to wait for God to script every detail.

  3. what a sweet story!! and what beautiful pictures! i loved reading this!!

  4. Aw, Katie!!! I love that story!!! I'm so thankful that you have a man who cherishes you SO! Nothing is sweeter than that!!! Happy Anniversary! Y'all are exactly one week after us! :) have a WONDERFUL day!!!

  5. I remember seeing these photos pop up on Facebook back in 2010!! :) What sweet, sweet memories! Happy anniversary my dear!!!!!! xx

  6. Wow. One of the sweetest proposals I have ever seen! I have pictures of our proposal, too and they are so, so precious to me. It seems like you are blessed with not one, but TWO great families. God is so good!! Happy Anniversary!

  7. That is the sweetest thing ever, and especially since you two make the Lord the center of what you do and who you are, that is what makes it even more special!Happy Anniversary & thanks so much for sharing your sweet story!

  8. my heart literally just melted. wow. this is amaazzing, what an amazing declaration of love.

  9. this put tears in my eyes. What a beeeeautiful story and I LOVE the pics! What a special guy God has given you! I know you treasure him!

  10. Aw you guys are adorable! What an amazing story(:!

  11. Wow, this has got to be one of, if not the most beautiful engagement story I've heard. Congratulations on the last year of marriage, and I pray that the rest of your years draw you closer to one another and bring so much glory to God!!!

  12. This is so beautiful!!! Loved it all!

  13. That is so cute!! You two seriously make the best couple! Also, I nominated you for the leibster award here: http://desiringapureheart.blogspot.com/2012/08/liebster.html :)

  14. Oh Wow! What a beautiful story! And seeing these pictures and your joy had me tearing up there =) Happy anniversary to you both!

  15. what a beautiful story. you can see the joy and the love you two share in your eyes. (i also love the color of your hair! so pretty!)

  16. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....wowzers. Please tell your husband he is super-duper awesome and that is a proposal of all proposals. You two are so beautiful together. You just radiate and truly are better together than as each on their own.

    Thank you for all of your wisdom and encouragement. You delight my soul :)
    Love, Anna

  17. This is the sweetest proposal story I've heard! It is beautiful how thoughtful and God-focused your husband was in this. Thank you for sharing, it is an encouragement to wait for that God-chosen man :)


  18. What a sweet story you guys have!! I love it!

    PS You are gorgeous. In some of these photos you remind me of Mandy Moore.

  19. This has to be one of the sweeter engagement stories I have ever heard. Beautiful!!

  20. Congratulations!!!!!! What a phenomenal story :)

  21. This is the sweetest ever! Goodness, you had me tearing up over here! So so beautiful beyond words! Congrats on your anniversary girlie! :)

  22. oh myyy. HOW SWEET!!!! :) I AM LOVING THIS STORY!!! newest follower! :) I love how I can see Jesus in your writing and smile!

  23. Goodness, Katie! I could cry reading all the love and prayerful spirit that went into this proposal. You have a keeper, that's for sure! :) Those photos are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for giving me encouragement that proposals can be so sweetly God honoring. You don't hear too many of those stories these days. Love yours. :)

  24. This is AMAZING.
    amazing.. for so many reasons

    They each went around and affirmed us, then prayed for us and our marriage. <--- this is such a beautiful thing to happen BEFORE it all even happens. So much life is spoken into something they all know God had already planned.

    I also LOVED how he involved your family. You guys are such an amazing example of what it means to be married and what it means to be ONE. I honor Kevin for setting this up with your family. Seriously. That's so rare to hear about.

    I'm so encouraged by this!

  25. Lovvvvve reading/hearing this AMAZING story again! You two are gems.

  26. So precious. Congratulations to you both. My cousin recently got engaged and I am so excited for her. Wishing you and your husband the best!

  27. What an awesome proposal, and getting all the important people involved like that is really clever and sweet of Kevin! It also makes for better pictures when you have professional paparazzi!

    (just in case you couldn't tell from all the comments I just returned to a world with internet and I've been catching up! :)

  28. That was so adorable!!!!
    How nice that they prayed around you too!

  29. Oh dear, I am in tears. How beautiful.

  30. Soo I just found your blog after your sweet comment on my post on surrender, and stumbled on this AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL proposal!! So sweet!

  31. Oh, wow! This is the sweetest proposal ever. I am in tears! What a beautiful picture of love! And how amazing that he incorporated your family, and most importantly, Christ was at the head of the proposal. How beautiful!

  32. Literally cried when I read this. Amazing. So intimate. You're a lucky gal!

  33. just came across your blog today, this is so sweet.. congratulations! :)

  34. Just came across your blog today, this is so sweet, congratulations! :)


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