to journey with one's best friend

Wednesday, August 22

 it is so easy to become discontent
it's like one minute we're resting peace
and the next these big hazel eyes take their focus off the eternal
and onto the "could haves" 

and tonight amidst all the blessing
i sat raw in a pile of wishes
beating myself up for self-perceived wrong decisions

it's true, it happens to the best of us

but that's when i discover why Abba sends us out in two's
because when one falls down, the other is there to help them up
we're stronger when we have a truth teller on our side
because truth is light, and it pierces through that darkness in hurried sparks
ready to evoke and enhance the faith we cling to

kevin has this way of making me laugh, smile, and bask in God's truth
the truth that blessing surrounds. 
no need to look elsewhere. 
the truth that i make good decisions
and that God is pleased with me, 
and his love is like a never-ending well springing forth acceptance at ALL times
so I praise our Father for the gift of a journeyer 
by my side
that has committed his life to Abba and to me
the "i do"
that means a lifetime of love, patience support, and truth. 

yes, it is a gift to journey with a man of the Lord. 
because all the niceties aside,
on those bad days,
God uses those that know us most,
to breath his deep life upon us. 

love Katie 


  1. It truly is the best and I am so grateful for it too! Absolutely beautiful pictures!!!

  2. You are truly blessed.

    Love the photos!!

  3. Awww! This is so cute, and I looooooove the picture! gorgeous!

  4. beautiful katie! the pictures and the words. you were a beautiful bride and i am so happy you found your best friend. god is good!

  5. this is such a beautiful reminder :) I love it!! Thanks for sharing you heart. XO

  6. Amen to this. I'm so thankful to have someone by my side to pick me up when I fall or have those "could have" moments. Have you heard that Dave Barnes song...God gave me you? It makes me want to cry every time because it is so true.

  7. Wow, I love love love your blog and message :) So happy we met via Denise! Who was your photographer? The photos are beautiful!

  8. gorgeous photos and a touching post =D

  9. loved loved your post. you made me a little teary-eyed (i've got pregnancy hormones, sorry) but your words and the pictures.. just beautiful. xoxo

  10. Your relationship is so encouraging to me. You both are a beautiful picture of love and what a marriage should be like! :)

  11. this is so well written! you guys are beautiful inside and out!


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