stepping out diaries: canadian style

Monday, October 29

hello dearest readers!
i am currently frolicking through germany with my little sister
probably freezing to death and eating lots of schnitzel and pretzels
and being spoiled by our dear family!

but today, you are in for a treat with our guest blog author Chantel.
i met Chantel through blogging, and to say that's she's inspiring is a bit of an understatement.
you can follow her sweet blog here.

there are a lot of people who find excuses to why they can't be a "missionary" where they live.
you may not think you are "called" to be a "missionary"
 but as a Christ follower, we are ALL called to be
whether you live the ghetto, the suburbs or an urban area,
the call to die to self and to live for God and love our neighbors as ourselves is for

no exception.
if you're still wondering, go read Matthew 25:31-46.
ok, so now that you're tracking with me.

Chantel is a beautiful example of  someone who prays to reach and love her neighbors.
Enjoy her story.....

Hey guys, I am excited to be posting on Hope Engaged today while Katie is away. I have been reading Katie’s blog for a couple of months now and always love to hear what is on her heart and the great things God is doing in her life. My absolutely favorite series’ of Katie’s is her Stepping Out Diaries and I have really been challenged in the last few months to step out in my own community.

I grew up in a town that would be considered a predominantly Christian community. If you asked the people in my hometown if they were Christians I bet 95% of them would say yes. For some of them it would be true and for others all they truly meant was that they believe in Christ, but not that they follow Him in any form. I now live in a different town but the attitudes are very much the same. Many see church as a place you go to for Christmas and Easter (at best) and since they live in a nice neighborhood and have good paying jobs they don’t have to rely on God to get through every day, they believe they are doing a good job of getting by on their own.

These are the people in my community and God has really given me a heart for them in the last few months. While I was praying for them I began to realize that just having a burden for these people wasn't enough, I needed to start getting to know them and sharing God's Word with them.
Back in the summer I was really praying for God to open up a way for me to get to know the people in my community. And boy, did He answer quickly!

The week I began praying to meet more of my neighbors I started meeting other parents at the park when I took my daughter to the swing (something she begs to do everyday). It seemed everytime we went out we met someone new and each time I made a point of getting out of my comfort zone and trying to start a conversation to try to get to know some of the mothers in my neighborhood.

A few weeks after I started praying for an opportunity to share the Gospel to those in my community I got a random phone call (well, random to me, not to God). It was a lady from a program called 5 Day Clubs, asking if I would host a club for the next week to fill in for a cancellation. If you are unfamiliar with the 5 Day Clubs in essence they train Christian people (usually university students) to go around from community to community putting on a one hour club everyday for one week for the children to attend. During that hour they sing songs, hear Bible stories, stories of people that followed God and they also memorize verses. I saw this as a complete answer to my prayers and of course I said yes right away. They sent little brochures for me to hand out door to door in the area which was another great opportunity to stop and talk to people that I would normally just smile at while I was walking but not actually talk to.

Throughout the week of the 5 Day Club I got to meet some of the children in my community as well as their parents. All week long we sang songs praising God, heard stories about His power and memorized verses about His love.

The leaders of the club made a point to ask each child that came if they go to church on a regular basis and as I suspected, most of them didn't. I was so excited that their parents still allowed them to come and was praying they would take home some of what they learned during the week and share it with their parents.
I am still amazed with how quickly and directly God has been answering my prayers about my community, it has just confirmed in my heart that I am supposed to be witnessing to those in my neighborhood.

I am excited to continue to develop the relationships I have begun with the ladies I have met and to show them Christ’s love through my actions and through my words. I would love your prayers as I continue through this journey and I also want to challenge you to look around your neighborhood and share the Gospel with those who live around you.

love Chantel


  1. love this post and i'm so glad i have a new blog to follow :) have fun in germany katie! xox

  2. that's amazing!!!!

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  4. this is amazing and so wise. you encourage me so very much friend. love you!


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