travel log: dusseldorf, germany

Monday, November 5

hello dearest readers:) 

I am back from both
chilly but festive Germany
and warm and adorable Greece

my sister and I had the 
and every day felt wrapped in the father's embrace
that He in His mercy and kindness would allow us to experience something so special together. 

below are some pictures of the town of Dusseldorf in Germany. 
our sweet family lives there, and they were seriously the most generous and warm hosts! 

it was freezing in Germany,
but their flat was so so cozy and cute, and we spent our evenings warm and toasty playing games, watching movies, and sharing stories. 
lots of laughter abounded!! 
the Fall colors were absolutely stunning,
and the magical Christmas decorations began to go up while we were there! 
it was all so enchanting. 

one thing I don't think I realize about Germany was how heavily bombed they were during WWII. 
much of the old cities were destroyed {which is really so sad}
so I was surprised that Dusseldorf really was quite a modern looking city. 
it was fun to explore both the old and modern architecture.

and of course the food was absolutely a delight to try! 
food truly is culture, and we were bathing in it! 
Our cousins took us to a fun food market where we try the local delights.

enjoy the beginning of many pictures to come:) 
{polly with our lovely cousins, victoria and lynn}
{this leaf fell right on me as Polly snapped a picture! haha}
 {the very modern buildings of dusseldorf}
 {the x is the symbol of dusseldorf!}
{pretty old town} 
 {potato cake with apple sauce, yum!}
{love love love these Fall colors!}
 {the amazing german restaurant where we ate the most incredible dinner!}

can't wait to share more of germany, and greece too!!! 
hope you have a sweet Monday! 

love Katie 


  1. what a blast!
    love the pictures. when i was in middle school i wanted to go to Greece badly. i've been enchanted by their myths and stories of gods and warriors. haha

  2. You're back! You're back! I'm so glad you had the absolute best time. Sounds and looks like you're coming back with an abundance of special memories! I can't wait for more. :)

    P.S. You and your sister are stunning. Totally and completely.

  3. wow! it's gorgeous there. germany has never been one of my "must sees," but i'm thinking it might be now!

  4. love the pictures, it looks so lovely! can't wait to see the pictures of greece, it is at the very top of my bucket list. so great you had a great time!

  5. Germany looks amazing and all your food photos have made me hungry! Can't wait to see and hear more about your trip!

  6. As someone who has German in me and my husband has German in him (our last name is also German), this looks so interesting because we really don't know anything about our roots hahaha. The food looks really good too. Sorry it was so cold there for you but I am glad you had such a great time.

  7. Such a fun post! Glad you had a great time with your family! Love the picture of you next to the nose sculpture :).

  8. Oh man... that food... there are not words for how yummy that looks! If I ever travel overseas I might have to drag you along since you seem to know so much about it ;D

  9. Wow!! Looks beautiful! That is SO special that y'all got to share that time together!!!

  10. Beautiful! Looks like you had a great time!

  11. That looks like a beautiful trip! And the potato cakes look really delicious....which I'm surprised by because I'm not normally a fan of European food. :P

  12. Aw it looks like you had a fantastic time with your sister! Next time you travel I'm going to just slip into your suitcase and tag along. Haha.

  13. three words: I am SOOOO jealous.

    Love these pics- can't wait to see and read more about your fabulous adventures. xo

  14. oh my gosh!!! looks so beautiful! why couldn't i come with you?!!! ahh! it sounds like an awesome trip!!
    <3 lean

  15. this trip looks amazing katie!!!!! i need to tag along on one of your amazing adventures sometime! xox

  16. Oh my word - this looks like such an amazing amazing time!

  17. Katie it looks like your trip was wonderful! I've never been to Germany but it's definitely on the list and I do love some good German food, sausage and sauerkraut ...yum! Although the German food I've tried probably isn't as authentic :) Can't wait to see some more of your trip! Hoping your weekend is a lovely one.

  18. I didn't realize you had been to Dusseldorf! We will spend a night there in August (arriving around 8:30pm and we fly out the next morning). Is there anything we just absolutely must do or see or anywhere we just have to eat? Fill me in! :)


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