Rest, the place of filling, healing and freedom....

Wednesday, November 7

{just one picture from many more to come!}

today i have the sweet privilege of guest posting for a dear blog friend named Natalie. 
Natalie blogs over at heart stirrings, and always has the most thoughtful and provoking posts. 

my post is about the importance of rest and sabbath. 
REST with the Holy One 
is LIFE with the Holy One

you can read it here. 

may we feel recharged in the Lord's presence today:) 

happy sweet wednesday to you all. 
I will be on the Azusa Pacific Campus the entire day for global vision week! 
woo hoo! 

love katie 


  1. You know you are so beautiful outside and in!!!

  2. Katie! I can't wait to see the rest of your photos...this one is stunning! Safe travels dear friend!

  3. So excited to hear all about this amazing trip!! XO

  4. Thanks so much for guest posting earlier this week Katie! =D


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